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Day trading Futures Market

What is the Best Futures Market to Trade?

Selecting the Best Markets When Day Trading Futures The best futures market for you as a beginning day trader is the one that meets the simple criteria of a low maintenance margin, and a small tick value. Additionally, it should… + More

December 7, 2022

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Scalping System

Scalping System Q & A

Day trading is often referred to as “scalping.”  Recently Erich Senft was asked to answer a group of questions that traders or investors might ask as it pertains to using a scalping system.  Here are his answers… Question:  What part… + More

December 4, 2022

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tick value size

Can Tick Value Affect Your Trades?

Most traders get so involved in the act of trading they give very little thought to what they will be trading. They do they know that the instrument they choose to trade can have a significant impact on their overall… + More

December 1, 2022

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Tying it all Together with Multiple Day Trading Systems

Using Multiple Day Trading Systems

The Power of Diversified Trading Systems I get these types of calls all the time. A prospective new customer has been trying to trade for 2 -5 years. They have already dropped 10-20K into books, gurus, and trade room.  And, for all… + More

November 28, 2022

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high probability trades

What Brad Pitt Taught Me About Trading

Moneyball (2011) is a bio-sports-movie about Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, the manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team and his struggles to put together a competent team while working with a severely limited budget. The movie is well… + More

November 25, 2022

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Commodity Trading using Seasonal Trend Analysis

To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose, even in commodity trading. Sometimes futures day traders who primarily work with the e-mini indices forget there is a much broader choice of commodity trading products in the marketplace…. + More

November 22, 2022

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Day Trading Mistakes

Discover How to Overcome 5 Common Day Trading Mistakes

The ability to make rational decisions is a critical in all aspects of your life – trading and social. Once you have identified and eliminated the most common day trading mistakes, you can expect satisfaction, success and professional growth. Day… + More

November 19, 2022

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futures contracts

Basic Fundamentals of Day Trading using Futures Contracts

Day trading futures isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The futures market is actually a conglomerate of various markets that buyers and sellers use as a way to enter and exit into futures contracts. Typically, pricing is based on an… + More

November 16, 2022

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Technology Tips

Ten Technology Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Things I thought everybody knew, but it turns out they don’t. For those of you that don’t know, I am obsessed with workflow automation and efficiency. This personality train can be very frustrating for those people that work with or live… + More

November 13, 2022

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new futures market

Dealing with Despicable Markets

Whenever the market moves into an inactive state, and we have a few rough days, I get flooded with a range of emails.  Some people start doubting their system(s), while others begin to question the specific instruments(s) they’ve been trading.  The emails that touch… + More

November 10, 2022

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