Samit Roy - Gold Coast, Australia05/16/2018

Samit R - Raptor Review

Dear Erich,

Just wanted to let you know that your website (Indicator Warehouse) has been a god send.

I am quite new to the field of trading and prior to stumbling on to your website I had already managed to waste several thousand dollars trying out different systems (which guaranteed me instant success !!), and also in the process lost a lot of money in active trading (I guess I too was at fault being so gullible).

Anyway, I have now started using the Raptor 2.0 system, and already I can see the huge potential in it…your software has simplified trading for people like us, who are total amateurs…. I especially like its audible alerts

I have also purchased the Resistance Support Indicator which I am finding very useful, in conjunction with the Raptor 2.0

What is even more wonderful (and kind of took me by surprise) is the fabulous after sales support from your team…with a special mention for Ben

I have had no trouble getting the urgent support and advice whenever I needed it.

These are still early days for me and I am certain that there would be lots more good things for me to recount in the months to come from here

Thank you again for all your good work

Samit R

Rashid S. - Flushing, NY11/20/2017

Raptor Trading System 2.0
Hello Erich,

It's always good to hear from you. I am very happy with Raptor. I am still in a stage of learning, 
but so for it has increased my daily takeout by 7-8% of my normal. With $30 to $80 stocks, this 
system is deadly accurate. Imagine when I know all the ins and out of this system. I am going 
through the YouTube videos and learning. But thank you for helping me to make up my mind 
to buy this system.

Thank you and God Bless.


Keith R. - Lees Summit, MO.10/23/2017

Indicator Warehouse Review Scam Indicators

“My name is Keith, I have spoken to you before. I just wanted to personally thank you. I was struggling severely when I first started trading, I purchased your Raptor 2.0 system and it has made the market so much easier to understand. I have learned so much from Erich, it also helps that Trade Manager is fantastic! You couldn’t ask for a better strategy! It almost guarantees success and longevity in the market. So thanks again!”

Keith R.

Ken Randolph 10/13/2017

Indicator Warehouse - Trading Schools

Hi Erich, thanks for the email, you and your team are always going out and beyond for your clients. I’m a businessman myself; I can appreciate your INTEGRITY especially for the new traders. When I talk to others about how I make a living half of them say I wish I could do that, and the other half they don’t know where to start or trust. I’m glad that I can send them to Indicator Warehouse and there be taken care of. So keep up the excellent work.

UPDATE: May 8, 2012

Hello Erich, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for blessing me with your trading system. It is great to work with. I LOVE it! I have been trading off and on for ten years now, and I’m happy to say that I don’t have to look any further. Without a doubt, I’m trading so much better, and with ease, my stress level is none for the first time. The Trading Room is just another bonus; I love that guy he keeps it real no hype. Anyone that buys any one of the indicators it’s a must to get in the room to get you jump-started. Thanks, Ken

UPDATE: October 13, 2017

I would like to say to all the skeptics out there Indicator Warehouse is everything they say they are it’s been nothing but good and profitable for me and the room is a bonus with Erich.

Thanks again,
Ken Randolph


Alexander C. - Middletown, CA.09/19/2017

Indicator Warehouse


I wanted to take a second to thank you for being so responsive to my support questions.   There’s a lot of products in the marketplace that profess “Lifetime updates and support” but unfortunately very few live up to their promise.  My sincere compliments to you and your team.  You have earned my business respect for having not only a solid product but the delivery of your promise to back it up.


Ali S. - Quebec, Canada08/24/2017

NinjaTrader System Testing

Hi Erich,

Your Customer service representative (Ben) is very helpful!  I purchased the Profit Finder indicator, and I was having some difficulties understanding how does this indicator work. Ben was extremely helpful, and I had exchanged several emails about the issue, and he kept up answering me until I figured it out. I can say that if anyone would like to purchase any product from you, I will recommend your website. 


Przemek B. - Poland07/30/2017

Indicator Warehouse Review

I own the Raptor for over a year. The tool is very innovative. The Raptor has a very high percentage of accuracy, is easy to use, gives you strong signals of the trend Raptor’s signals are not only right there for me to make quick decisions, but most importantly it keeps me out of bad trades and on the sideline until my setups are there Support is fast and friendly, installation easy.

Indicator warehouse personnel have always assisted me in a professional and kind way and I appreciate that very much.

I would recommend the Raptor as a complete and effective system.



Luis Carrillo - Morelia, Mexico06/13/2017


I bought the Bollinger Band Suite, within the first trading day it paid for itself. Crystal clear signals, divergences, and a lot of indicators to choose from. Customer service is second to none, i will continue my business with IW for a long time.

Luis Carrillo

Richard R. - Las Vegas, NV.06/09/2017

Indicator Warehouse review

Indicator Warehouse is a real “Value for the Price” Great support, and a variety of any indicators to fit your trading style. In some cases, one day is all it takes to recoup your cost. I can’t express my appreciation for how helpful Ben has been. He is patient and very meticulous. Once I master the Hawk, I will probably move to the Eagle. I am doing swing trades on one account now and will use Hawk on the other. I have bought a lot of products, but you guys are by far the best for service and support. Worth every penny. I can honestly say the Auto Trendline Channel has paid for itself, and I have no doubt that the Hawk will pay itself off in a similar fashion. Great job. Will highly recommend to all my friends.

UPDATE: 6/18/2016

I have been using the Hawk to scalp for the last 6 months. My P&L is running at 83.6%
I have been using it on the YM, 6E, and 6B. Trading 3 contracts with the 1st target at 5 ticks and 1 runner. I have had losing days but not losing weeks. This is NOT the Holy Grail, but it does work!  For the price of the systems you offer, they will quickly pay for themselves. Traders will need to put in some time learning with Erich and formulating their own trade plan. Thank you for a system that provides positive overall returns.

UPDATE: 6/09/2017

I have used Indicator Warehouse products and indicators for over 7 years. The support and training are first class. They are far above some of these “Indicator Shops” that just pump out useless products, knock offs of free indicators that afford no support when you need it. Erich is always available to answer questions and the cost/value cannot be matched.

Michael G. - Southboro, MA05/27/2017

Indicator Warehouse Testimonial

I am a Raptor Trading System owner for about a year now and have been very pleased with its capability and functions. I have tried many systems in the past but they just fell through the cracks and failed. Finally, someone got it right!

Erich is a terrific guy and is very helpful to a newbie like myself and never puts anyone down for asking a silly question. I think this shows how professional a guy he is and he cares about what he does. I watch his videos whenever I have time.

Indicator warehouse personnel have always assisted me in a professional and kind way and I appreciate that very much.
Erich, you have a terrific team assembled and the products and services you offer to your clients is top notch!

Keep the great work!


Michael G.

R. Dahlberg - San Angelo, Texas05/12/2017

Raptor Trading System 2.0

I have had the Raptor for a little over a year. The tool is very innovative and Erich and Indicator Warehouse have put a lot of thought into how to make the decision process more logical, and at this point, I’d like to say stress-free but there’s always stress in trading, along with their excellent training. However, I would like to say something about the company in general.

Indicator Warehouse and Erich are a unique bunch. Why? Everybody in this business has a software product of some sort. What impressed me about Erich and Indicator Warehouse is that they are dedicated to the trader. Not only is the software oriented in that direction but the philosophy, ethics, earnest interest in the traitor and their success. You can always trust that Erich will shoot straight with you and in my opinion is a no BS type of guy. In my opinion, I have a solid investment with regards to the software and the company supporting me.

R. Dahlberg

A. Parker - Murfreesboro, TN.05/05/2017

NinjaTrader indicator warehouse

I’ve been evaluating futures trading systems for the past 6 months and finally made the decision to purchase the DTS by Indicator Warehouse.  As an engineer, I was looking for a trading system with very clear and straightforward signals.  I had tried other, more subjective approaches, but had not been satisfied with the results.  After using the DTS and watching the training videos, I can honestly say that I am VERY pleased with my purchase.  From the system setup to the training videos to the tech support, Indicator Warehouse has been extraordinary in their customer service and attention to detail.  I highly recommend DTS.  It is well worth the up front investment.

Bernard C. - Montreal (Que., Canada)05/01/2017


As a day trader on several instruments such as currencies, indices, futures, I use the Indicator Warehouse tools to guide me to detect reversals and trends and optimizing my entries and exits. It helps me setting up objectives while limiting my risk with calculated stop loss. I would not be able anymore to work without it as being my best analytical tool reducing at the same time the inherent stress of trading and the fear of being on the wrong side. The trade room real time events are also a valuable mean for acquiring trading experience. A must for the serious trader.


Alejandro T. - Buenos Aires - Argentina04/27/2017

Raptor Trading System Testimonial

I purchased the Raptor System, which has a really high percentage of accuracy if having the patience and perseverance to await correct setup.  It took just one week to work it in CL and one more in YM, with remarkable results. I’ve included its warnings in my trading plans which have fulfilled my operation standard setup.  Additionally I added the Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite ,that needed no previous study.  It ‘s support and resistance warnings have helped me to establish stop loss and probable target areas. Currently I am using support and resistance suite in CL , YM, 6B,6E & NQ  and preparing for the future the use of Raptor in 6B,6E & NQ, markets.  Thanks, great product!

Bryan W. - Espanola, Ontario04/23/2017

Indicator Warehouse Review

I am very pleased with the DTS System.  There are so many systems out there that it can be quite confusing.  Other systems have a complicated rule set which doesn’t build confidence [one is always second guessing if they have missed one of the rules].  However, I am writing to you to let you know that the DTS system is extremely accurate and as long as you follow a few simple rules with good money management, you will be guaranteed success.  To sum it up, it is the simplicity along with accuracy that helps me trade with confidence and make money.

David K. - Phoenix, AZ.04/12/2017


My experience with Indicator Warehouse has been excellent.  Whenever I e-mailed IW a question I would get a thoughtful and clear response within a very reasonable period of time.  When I had an issue with an indicator I purchased (which turned out to be a NinjaTrader quirk and was easily fixed) the response I received was very helpful and showed genuine concern on the part of IW.  I would wholeheartedly recommend doing business with the Indicator Warehouse team. 

George M. - Zwolle, Netherlands04/04/2017

Indicator Warehouse Raptor Review

Hi Erich,

I find many components of the Raptor system very valuable. The Mean Renko bars to find entries with a tight stop, the cloud to gauge the trend strength and where to expect bounces, the soft/ hard edge lines as excellent mobile support/ resistance lines, and the trade alerts which give a great indication of what will most likely occur. I am using the Ninja trader 8 beta version that works great and can’ t wait for the update of the logicounter and trade manager which are amazing tools on ninja trader 7 for now. The system is very intuitive. Support is fast and friendly, installation easy. Thank you for this great tool I wouldn’ t want to do without!

David R. - Maimi, FL.03/24/2017


The indicator I ordered was delivered immediately and any questions I had about the indicator were also answered immediately. Would definitely recommend Indicator Warehouse going forward!

Tony G. 03/20/2017

Indicator Warehouse Logo

I have purchased from IW, and received a few freebees. I have also spoken with Erich several times on the telephone and he is always helpful. I especially like to spend time with him, when I can, to learn more about DTS. I am normally right in the middle of my trades when Erich is on, but I visit and listen to him when I can. I am sure that I will end up with part or all of DTS. -Tony

UPDATE: 1/05/2016

Aloha Erich, Just a quick note to tell you how I (and I am sure everyone) appreciate you. The room is a wonderful place to learn, and you are a good teacher. You do not get flustered when you don’t get it the first time, and you never make me feel “dumb.” Something for me to aspire to when teaching my Grandkids. Anyway, Erich, it is a delight to be in the room with you. Please don’t ever change that! My two cents,

UPDATE: 3/14/2016

Erich, DTS has helped my trading, here’s how my charts are clear of clutter. Makes making a decision easier. I have found that Ben Letto is an excellent source for support. You, Erich, listen to our comments for product improvement or changes. You are a wealth of knowledge. I try to never miss a room session.


UPDATE: 3/20/2017
Hello Traders,
I am not going to talk about the nuts and bolts of trading with DTS or Raptor 2.0.  I do trade both myself and have traded the DTS “birds” for a long time. Since the way you trade is different than me (or anyone else) I want to tell you about something that Indicator Warehouse, DTS and Raptor 2.0 does that you and I both want and need.  
IW has developed a real no nonsense, working program that really doesn’t “break or fail.” However, if you ever need assistance or help to get something working the way you want, all you ever have to do is call.  Service is a portion of what sets IW apart from the rest.  You can contact the owner, Erich anytime.  You can contact one of the developers, Ben anytime.  Point is, you and I have not just bought some software and are done with the selling company.  We as customers become part of a “family of traders,” and that is really worth a lot.
Tony G.

James H. - Anchorage, Alaska03/15/2017

NinjaTrader indicator warehouse

Unlike many, Erich at Indicator Warehouse does not believe in hard sales tactics. He in fact encourages you to research and ratchet up your due diligence. The support is timely, the software robust and “The Birds” represent a VERY comprehensive system that works. I just took a 10 point swing that took 40″. Good system.

John K. - Basking Ridge, NJ03/07/2017

I’ve been a satisfied customer of yours for several years now, having bought several indicators and a small trading system before. A few days ago I decided to take a bigger step and buy your Raptor Trading System. My experience so far has been excellent: your price was good, Ben’s installation was very timely and efficient, and went through without a hitch, Erich’s commentary and guidance in the room are great… and because of all that my account has grown substantially as well. Thanks a lot for your focus on your customers’ needs, creativity and all around hard work!  John

Morty R. - Desert, CA.02/27/2017


Erich: Just wanted to let you know I was very impressed and delighted with our conversation last week. I genuinely felt that you  were sincere and very thorough in describing your DTS program and services. There was no sales pressure or a hint of a pitch to make me buy. Ben was great and was very patient as he set up the software and walked me through it. I started my first trading room session this morning with my Sim account. I went great along with your observations I made a lot of money. Wow, what a first day. Thanks again.

Pat B. - Morristown, NJ.02/13/2017

NinjaTrader indicator warehouse

I purchased the Enhanced Pivot Points indicator for NinjaTrader and have found it most useful on the futures and stocks for support/resistance levels.  Had a few issues and a few comments on the software which were addressed immediately by the developer.  In fact,  they added a feature that I requested.  It’s hard to watch all the securities I follow at once  so I find the sound alerts and pop ups extremely helpful.  They alert u to a Pivot point cross.  Great indicator and great support.  Would recommend to fellow traders !

Paco F. Ballesteros - Madrid, Spain02/07/2017

Indicator Warehouse Review

I have been using this new indicator for a couple of days and, following the comments you made in the announcement, I am getting outstanding results. It provides a very clear view of the opportunities to continue trending and consequently it gives you a more relaxed attitude to trading. Indicator Warehouse is the supplier I prefer for trading indicators and trading software. They are quick, reliable and responsive to questions and requests in a record time.

UPDATE: 4/14/13

I am happy to join your project. I purchased the Scalp Trader, downloaded it and, without much preparation, I made yesterday in SIM $429 trading CL for 2 hours. I am very impressed and congratulate you and your team for having developed such a powerful system. The Trade Manager on top is an outstanding tool. I am looking forward to purchasing the other two birds in the near future.

UPDATE: 6/23/14 

I am trading using DTS from 1 year ago, after having used several other systems. I must say that DTS is the best system I have experienced in my 5 years as a day trader. Indicator Warehouse has done an outstanding job developing this tool and offering it with a complete service package. Erich and Ben Letto have always been very helpful. Very good service from Erich Senft’s company!

UPDATE: 9/5/14

I have been trading for five years, and I have used six different systems without being able to reach a consistent profit record. One year ago I started with the DTS Hawk Scalper and was able to maintain a modest growth in my account. Early this year, I completed the DTS system with the Falcon Swing Trader and the Eagle Trend Trader. Lately, I bought the complete indicators suite. I must say that I am maintaining a consistent growth and, more importantly, I am building confidence, which has contributed very significantly to my emotions management.

UPDATE: 2/7/17

I am sure you will be happy to know that I completed a $30,000 Combine with TopStepTrader. I have just started the Fund Account Preparation.
I attach the results, which have been possible thanks to DTS. I have used Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, and Raptor as well. Of course, I designed my strategy, selecting those trades with a high probability of success. I applied discipline using my strategy and worked with patience. I am planning to continue trading being funded by TST, an outstanding opportunity in my opinion. 
I want to thank you, and express my appreciation for your continuing education as well as to Ben for his support in the technical area.
Best regards to the three of you.
Paco F. Ballesteros

Peter D. - London (UK)02/05/2017

Online Journal

A great tool for integrating trade execution data from NT7 into Tradervue. It works reliably and allows for instant recording of trade information in Tradervue as an essential part of my journaling. The support offering is extremely responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.

Philip M. - Perth, Western Australia.01/27/2017

Trading Platform

It is the software (Indicators and Strategy) and the “team” at Indicator Warehouse I would highly recommend to both new and seasoned traders.  My initial very positive impressions of Indicator Warehouse have not changed in any way since I first installed their software over 14 months ago.  Since the installation of their software, I have not been any further interested in “other systems” or so called winning strategies.  After a 12 years search, for the right system I have now found it, DTS and the IW team.

DTS is a very solid piece of software code.  It produces reliable charts, it never show evidence of any “glitches” and once the various High Probability Entry Areas are internalized, DTS provides me regular and reliable signals that have produced a truly exceptional year of positive trading results.  I could not be happier with DTS’s performance.  The platform is very stable and from my perspective, although an upgraded suite called “Raptor” was offered late last year, I have stuck with DTS’s Falcon as my primary signal generator.

As to the team at Indicator Warehouse, Erich Senft is the consummate business professional.  He fully understands his business, he keeps me up-to-date with plans and future releases but he does not bombard me with hype and general advertising materials.  He answers E-mail’s very promptly and he is willing to listen to his customers.  I had a recent personal email from Erich that truly showed me how much he knows about his individual customers.  Erich is a joy to deal with.

Erich Senft is a superb educator, both from an technical and an experiential standpoint.  Erich’s understanding of markets and the benefits of the IW suite of software is all encompassing.  He has the ability to be able to explain concepts, suggestions and ideas in a clear and concise manner, he has a number of critical and important concepts that he believes he may “soapbox” a little too often, but I appreciate his concern as an educator in ensuring his message is put across.

Ben Letto (software support) rounds out the team at IW whom I deal with on a frequent basis.  Ben seems to provide solutions to minor technical issues effortlessly and accurately.  Again he is a stickler for prompt customer support and I thank him for his ability to make DTS seem simple.

Day trading is such a solo and lonely existence.  In the past, with the implementation of other systems and software, I have felt isolated and alone.  With IW this has not been the case.  Whilst not invading my world and being dogmatic, they have provided appropriate support of the highest quality when I asked for it or needed it, they provide almost daily access to question and answer sessions through their trading rooms and telephone, Skype and E-mail provide the remainder of the excellent service they offer.  Trite as it may be, I feel I have a trading family at the end of the line and what they provide me is accurate, timely, understandable and generally successful.  And whilst I may be on the other side of the world to IW, it seems like they are just next door.

I am pleased I found IW.  Thank you all for the great support you offer DTS users and I appreciate the companionship and the trader support that you offer this trader.  I would be happy to offer further comments.

Rai Soekidjo - Bali, Indonesia01/15/2017

I am a newbie on day-trading. I started to try Ninjatrader for around one year now and I use it primarily for back testing and simulation, for my real and live positon-trading on equities.  I came across Indicator Warehouse (“IW”) especially for its DTS, which I felt is a more make sense approach for learning day-trading, especially for futures. Why do I think so? First, because of its semi-automatic method which means it will also teach you while doing the trades. Second,  IW allows all of us to join their live trading to show how the system works and indirectly it shows the real-life and real results of their system. This is a very important factor to me because of it means full transparency on how their system works and for their system performance. And the third, the group-learning approach after the purchase where all the system users are able to join their live trading room to watch, to learn and to share with their instructors. This is so important for a newbie like me.  So for me it is not just a decision to purchase the Raptor trading system, but also to join the IW trading group-learning.  On top of all of that, the responses from Erich to all my questions and request before and after the purchase strongly reflect a very service-oriented and caring organization.  I am still learning the RTS I purchased on a simulation mode now.. the results are ups and downs as in a trading… but I know I am in good hand with Indicator Warehouse.

Shane R. - Scottsdale, AZ01/05/2017

DTS Review

I am a beginning retail day trader supplementing my current income through emini futures trading. I purchased the DTS system to use with my NinjaTrader account. After fully researching all the available strategies on the market, DTS, hands-down, is the best available.The DTS-system makes the most sense, has a comprehensive library of training videos, and has an excellent staff of helpful, personable, and expert traders. It is affordable, and its easy to use. Within a day of using the profit finder, I have found a very profitable way for me to trade futures with Hawk- something that would have been practically impossible for me to find just going bar by bar with pen and paper. I still have to learn Eagle and Falcon, but thus far, its been an awesome experience.

Victor T. - Ridgefield, CT12/23/2016


Dear Erich,  I cannot say enough good things about Indicator Warehouse and its’ support personnel!  Every indicator I have purchase has performed impeccably and if any problems are encountered the IW personnel are prompt to respond and aid any and all times.  The training sessions are invaluable and enjoyable.  You maintain a wonderful organization.  My compliments to you and Ben.  Thank you for always being there! 
I remain,  Your ardent customer,  Victor

L. Fisher - Cleveland, OH.12/11/2016

DTS Review | Indicator Warehouse

I could spend all day telling you how amazing the DTS trading system is. How accurately it detects scalp, swing and trend trades separately, yet oftentimes simultaneously! The Trade Manager’s ability to remove the risk from your trading account is second to none! These are all incredible and real game changers!

But… All of this pales in comparison to the quality of customer service and care you receive from Erich and the rest of the staff at Indicator Warehouse!!  It is such a wonderful feeling to have so many people willing to help, answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need to be a successful and profitable trader with the DTS system!   Thank you all for the support.
L. Fisher

Warren H. - Venice, CA.12/03/2016


DTS has helped my trading. I previously preferred to trade counter trend and have had difficulty with my P&L as a result. DTS makes it undeniable when we are trending and that has helped me become profitable. DTS also is 3 systems wrapped into one. There are many trading ideas presented every day and that has helped keep my mind active and I no longer go looking for trades that aren’t really there. I have re-learned 2 basic ideas in a way that is very easy to read on DTS charts. 1) Trade with the trend. 2) Avoid chop. Thanks DTS!

Clint Upschulte (Part-time Trader) - Sparta, IL.11/20/2016

Indicator warehouse review

I doubled my account in six weeks as a part-time trader before work hours. DTS has taken my trading to the next level. It is first rate software backed by first class customer service.

Angelo D. - New York, NY.11/12/2016

Indicator Warehouse Raptor Review


My buying experience was awesome…fast efficient and hassle free.  My customer support was great. The installation was fast and friendly. I would recommend  Indicator Warehouse to all. I’m excited to be using the  RTS Raptor System.
All the Best!
Angelo D.

Gary Williams 11/04/2016

indicator warehouse raptor

I first saw the Diversified Trading System when Erich made a presentation to folks invited by DTI to a webinar just a few weeks ago. I then listened to the story of how the software system was created and the thought that went behind the development. After watching the demonstration three things drew me to the system: 1) the signals on multiple time frames and the ability to see what posture the market is in at any time. 2) the ability to trade the signals directly from Ninja Trader when signals are presented and 3) the Trade Manager. The profit and risk managers were what I personally needed to have confidence, while acting quickly, that I was not taking undue risk with my account…something I had done in the past to my detriment. I would put money in the bank and then give it back due to unreasonable risk caused partially by my own greed.

As important as the attributes of the DTS are, the true value, in my opinion, is the coaching sessions with Erich. When I first purchased the software I downloaded the templates but Erich took the time to setup my charts and explain how the system worked. I then studied the manual and watched the futures videos multiple times. I have two copies of the manual. One is on the bedside table and the other in where I keep my daily work. Subsequently I enlisted Erich on several one on one sessions to more fully understand the signals and how to trade them effectively. We have another session in the works and my plan is to continue these sessions systematically as I progress. My opinion…do not invest in the software if you do not take several hours to spend with Erich. If you listen, he will help you make money more quickly. He is incredible support not only on the hourly for pay sessions but hanging out on Skype or answering emails.

Mark J. - Janesville, Wisconsin10/29/2016

Best trading platform
“Although I’m a new DTS customer, and have only had the system for a week now, I can say that the service I have received in that short time has been nothing short of outstanding.  
I had an initial problem with one of my computers but Ben Letto was very patient and informative by helping me reinstall everything twice, and then he ensured it was working properly with no hesitation.  He set both of my computers up with DTS in short order, and has continued to be there after the fact to answer all my technical questions.
The trade room is a welcome and refreshing asset. As with any new tools, DTS has a learning curve initially, (at least for me) but with Erich Senft teaching in the room, I feel like I’m on the fast track to understanding most of its nuances in less than a weeks time. Erich uses clear and concise, real-time trade examples, and I feel his techniques will have me trading live with the system in short order.
Last but not least, if it weren’t for Erich Senft’s patient phone discussion, and honest answers to all of my initial questions, I wouldn’t have made the decision to proceed in the first place.  So far the Indicator Warehouse staff and DTS system have exceeded my expectations.  After having been burned by lesser, more expensive systems from other companies that don’t offer half of what IW does for free, I would definitely recommend IW, and the DTS system to anyone looking to take their trading to a higher, more professional level.”  
Mark J.

Matt Bennett - Calgary, Canada10/15/2016

Raptor Review
I was skeptical but immediately fell in love with Trade Manager right out of the box. It makes the key, and most important elements next to personal responsibility and attitude as streamlined and systematic as possible. I believe if all traders managed themselves first, their position size second and their exits 3rd they would have a solid chance in this highly competitive arena to realize virtually any financial goal. 
Trading Crude Oil and other volatile markets using TM and the Raptor system allowed me to quickly pass my TopStep Combine program. I find the Raptor system is a constant gut check of if I am counter-trend or trend trading, and I really like the soft edge, and hard edge bounce trades, as well as the double pullback signal. In fact this signal alone is one of the best I’ve seen. This entire package allows me to have the confidence to step away from losing trades quickly and step back from winning trades, letting Trade Manager take over. 
I find myself using the actual Raptor Entries as places to add to trades on low risk after I’m already break even on the original and this is a massive improvement. The old saying goes, that when your right you can’t have enough size on but when your wrong you always have too much!
I’m in love with these tools and they have me thinking possibility minded again!
Matt Bennett, 
President, Django Capital Corporation 

David Geller - Atlanta Georgia10/06/2016

Indicator Warehouse not scam review

I have been an Indicator Warehouse customer for easily 7+ years. Their products perform as advertised and their fast response to questions is great. Plus they have more indicators than other NinjaTrader indicator sites. I recently moved my NinjaTrader to a new computer and after one email, the next day they had me back up running again. Thank you Erich and your crew. 

David Geller

Joseph T. - Boston, MA09/25/2016

Indicator Warehouse is not a scam
Hi Erich,
I have been trading (primarily forex) for the last 7 +  years prior buying one of your systems. I am the owner of the Raptor for now (I will be adding the other 3 birds to really diversify my trading) . I have to say that the signals are spot on if you know what to look for and have the patience to wait the right set up.  I could not be any happier with the system. This system has helped me pull the trigger with great confidence every time. I am very grateful for finding Indicator warehouse and finally bought the system. I wished I had done that a long time ago. 
Joseph T.

Keith H. - Farmington Hills, MI09/17/2016

Raptor Trading System (RTS) Review | Indicator Warehouse

I must say I am ecstatic with my Raptor trading system. I by-passed purchasing your system time and time again for some reason unknown, and I’m still trying to figure that out!  Especially after spending thousands of dollars on systems and guru’s that simply didn’t work for my personality type. I love the straight forward, plain and simple set-ups. Unlike methods that have set-ups like “Well this could be, oh wait it is… too late or too early … no that wasn’t a set up”!  But then, when listening to their guru, you hear… “Yeah, that trade was a winner and that trade was a winner and that trade was a winner.  What’s so hard about it?”!  LOL, I can laugh now, but that wasn’t funny then.  

Raptor’s signals are not only right there for me to make quick decisions, but most importantly it keeps me out of bad trades and on the sideline until my setups are there. My frustration is gone and for once in my 10 years of trading I am consistently progressing to a better lifestyle.

I thank you and your team for what you have developed and for a system that seems like it was designed just for me. Also, thank you for your excellent customer support with NO Sale’s pressure at all!

Best regards,

Keith H


Josiah S. - Swindon, UK09/12/2016

Online Journal

I recently purchased the NinjaTrader to Tradervue Online Trade Journal Connector and an finding it a great benefit. I used Tradervue before to journal but now find having the trades imported in automatically a simple time-saving bonus and the plugin was easy to install and has worked without a problem. – Josiah S.

Charlie Chang - Los Angeles, CA08/27/2016

I consider myself very fortunate that I am one member of the Diversified Trading System community. I call myself some kind of crusader, basically for my own interest, having tried many trade platforms that were claiming their quality​ and superiority in the field, but none convinced me. When I joined DTS Trading Room, it was quite different enough to make me encouraged and hopeful for the endeavor that I had started long time ago. To make it short, I have felt no elements of being self-righteous, self-centered and self-serving, exaggeration or rhetoric from Diversified Trading System. I am more than certain that you and the rest of members in DTS have been straight forward and highly professional, are and will remain so hereafter. I consider myself very fortunate that I am one member of Diversified Trading System.

James K. 08/15/2016

Indicator Warehouse

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. This is the second one of these round # indicators, I have one, and since my wife trade crude futures, this second one is for her. This simple indicator is surprisingly effective!

Thanks again for offering cool and affordable products for NinjaTrader, and have a good weekend.

Kind Regards, 


Hector Martinez - Cuernavaca, Mexico08/05/2016

Best trading platform

I’m completely satisfied with the indicator, it has been of incredible help for me because I’m tracking a lot of instruments at the same time and this kind of alerts are really valuable for me. The help I got from the staff at the Indicator Warehouse was very kind and fast. I will definitely get more indicators from you in the future.

Ivan Vanhellemont - Belgium07/24/2016

Indicator Warehouse Results

I found the service absolutely amazing. Before i decided to buy DTS, I had a lot of questions regarding it. But all of my questions were soon answered. The people were very understanding at Indicator Warehouse. I was helped with some problems that have kept me from buying. I was soon convinced of their good intentions and decided to do my purchase as soon as I could. I was surprised when I had done my payment. I had just paid and already i received a mail with a link to download DTS, and all the instructions to do so. That’s what I call service, I wish it was as always and everywhere like that. Keep up the good work. I look forward working together.

Achim S. - Lehrte, Germany07/19/2016

Topstep Funded Trader

Don’t listen to the naysayers. It’s always the same story – they all want you to trade your live accounts, but needless to say this is impossible while moderating a trading room. Of course, Erich trades in SIM, but at least he IS taking live trades, and of course not every trade works out, but that’s trading! I learned a lot in his room, and to be honest, even the ‘simple’ DTS needs a lot of practice to read everything correctly and in the market context, but IMHO this applies to ANY trading system or method. And of course there is ALWAYS room for personal interpretation of signals as well, and not every system or method is for everyone.

What I can say is this, I can show you a ‘proven’ track record of DTS trades within my current TST Combine [TopStep Trader], which will finally lead to a funded account or at least the participation in the Funded Trader Preparation.

There are so many trading systems and methods out there in the industry, and since I purchased a bunch of trading software and now solely using the Diversified Trading System from the beginning, I can state that there are a lot more systems out there which perform much worse or even not at all.”


UPDATE: 7/19/2016

Hi Erich,

As I promised you some time ago, I just wanted to let you know that I eventually completed my TopstepTrader $150k Combine by using DTS solely.

All trades which I took during the Combine have been documented in my Tradervue Trading Journal, which includes screenshots of all trades as well, so I can show a complete track record.

Attached you can find my TST Combine statistics as well.


Alex - Queensland, Australia07/07/2016

DTS Fraud

I have traded for some time now and dealt with many, some promising me the ‘Holy Grail’, it never happened. IW. for me have been a blessing when it comes to trading, Profit Finder is without exception the best Tool I possess, with this tool I have gone over my past ’Back Testing Results’, it’s quite remarkable how with the tweaks that one can do, I have been able to improve the Net Profit potential nearly threefold and increase the number of winning trades from 55% to 72%, I just want to ‘Scream’ out to my fellow traders “Buy, Buy, Buy right now, you will not regret it”, I’m a Scalper, DTS gives me freedom, I can do other things and listen, I can glance at my Chart and my indicators will tell me if I have a trade, I chase only one Rabbit (One Instrument) and trade no more than 4 trades in anyone day, win or lose. Erich, I thank you and your professional team for the Service I have been given, I look forward to working with the team, please use the information I have given in whatever way you wish, I know that humanity will prevail in its dealings.

James A. - Safety Harbor, FL06/25/2016


I like the confluence of utilizing my personal charts for a safe, valid entry, then monitor the Falcon and observe for dot, triangle, hash mark (which always follows and is reassuring). I also like observing the Eagle which assists greatly in staying with a trend despite pullbacks. The graphics help – everything ‘pops’ visually so nothing is missed and the Mean Renko Bars eliminates noise, I can see price behavior (dojis, hammers, etc.) as bar develops during lower volatility. DTS confirms entries and reinforces so I can stay with a certain move. Before DTS I’d often have doubts and exit prematurely. I needed something to help me stay in the trade.

Anthony - California06/17/2016

Trading Platform

Thank you Erich, for the great service. I still have a lot to learn about your system but DTS is a very user-friendly system and has a lot to offer for a professional trading.

Arthur Bradford - St. Pauls, NC05/28/2016

Best trading platform

Thanks for the opportunity to share feedback – Ben just set me up – one word – Awesome! – He was professional-kind helpful-not pushy-never got a sense of frustration with this non tech neophyte trader-I walk away feeling I can do this and if there are problems-I have a team ready to throw the life raft-Thanks Erich & Ben.

B. Christie - Brisbane, Australia05/05/2016

NinjaTrader System Testing

I have been trading for about six years now, and have held my own, but you cannot make a living from taking trades in a trading room forever.

I have just bought the Hawk, Trade Manager, and the Profit Finder a week ago. I got interested from watching the seminar on the Profit Finder. You get too scared to go on your own. The combination of the three is the most well set up system that I have ever seen. They are a real confidence booster. I have been able to test and fine tune the markets I want to be in. The ability to test so many combinations so quickly is something I never knew existed, but I now do.

The Trade Manager! What can I say! The ability to know that a trade is in my acceptable risk is brilliant! It won’t let me take a trade that is more risk than I want. This held me back for soo long. The video, The secrets of Account Protection and Growth are the missing links for me. I now see that is where I have been going wrong. Well done.

Alex P. - Surrey, BC04/23/2016


Honest and friendly people here, what more can you ask for, traders?

B. Parente - Knoxville, Tennessee04/12/2016

DTS review

I liked knowing instantly if the trade was going to have at least a 1:1 risk reward ratio. It shows you instantly if a trade is worth getting in to. Your explanation of risk management has changed the way I think about trading and Profit Finder along with Trade Manager I’m certain make trading a whole lot easier…

B. Waights - Cayman Islands03/21/2016

Trading Platform

Over-analysis is the main form of frustration and confusion for all traders … DTS gets back to basics with a system that does this for you. The simplicity of signals helps remove significant over-analysis. Trade Manager lets DTS do all the hard work behind the scenes to maximize profits. Also, the staff at DTS are extremely responsive and very helpful. Erich has always been great and I have found the same with Omar on the forex side.

Bernard Casiez - Montreal, Canada03/10/2016


After a career in business, I wanted to manage personally my portfolio with the objective to derive a decent return on my hard earned money. And I wanted to do it with method and proper organization. Not the kind of investing guided by pure feeling or word of mouth or from fundamental time expensive research. Being a technical analyst minded, I made a certain number of technical software evaluation available on the market and I found the software developed by IndicatorWarehouse. My only regret is not to have found it much earlier! The software is a very valuable tool to manage my trades (market indexes, equities) and reduce my stress and my risk in giving me the proper entries, exits, stops, supports and resistances to build my portfolio over time. I can’t trade anymore without it. Moreover, the Indicator Warehouse team offers a superb and friendly support in assisting the user by way of personal support, access to trade rooms, a very comprehensive website offering tutoring etc. Several reasonably priced software are offered and anyone can find the software tailored to his or her specific needs for trading short, medium or longer term. A must and a well worth investment for serious traders!

Alan Leech - Bordeaux, France02/23/2016

indicator warehouse review

I’d just like to say I could not be happier with my purchases, and the service and support I have had from the team at indicator Warehouse. I’ve managed to get my first session with Erich today as well, which has been equally awesome. If I add to that the totally awesome results I am getting with the DTS [my best EVER results with Gold, in either a SIM or Live account, today] then I can truly say I believe I have found the final piece of the puzzle to help me reach my full potential.

Alan C. 02/06/2016

Best trading platform

Your staff is always quick to respond. Makes Indicator Warehouse feel like a good friend instead of just a company.

Brian Basaraba - Saskatoon, Canada01/22/2016

special movement indicator for warehouse management

I have been meaning to write you in regards to the mentoring class I’ve done with Erich. I was totally impressed with Erich’s approach to teaching me how to trade the markets and what I should be aware of and what to look for. I felt very comfortable with him and learning how to trade properly. His tailored approach enabled me to remain at work during the day session, and trade with the e-mini in the evening and overnight session. Erich also taught me about position sizing which made me realize how proper risk management is so important if you want to succeed here. This led me to purchase Trade Manager. I could see how easy it would be to enter and manage my trades with trade manager, which I think is the best tool you offer at Indicator Warehouse. Erich also helped me to put together a trade journal which is another invaluable tool to have. If I had to sum it up with the two best things I took from Erich’s mentoring, it would be position sizing and the confidence he gave me that I know I am on the right track to trading. There was a lot of other great stuff that he taught me which I have kept notes of and refer to often. To me, the mentoring made every dime I spent on software worth it. Time and money well spent!

I would also like to let you know that I am amazed by how simple you have made DTS to use and understand. I started watching some of Erich’s instructional videos on how to use DTS and I have been following him in the trade room. The results speak for themselves. Erich is doing very well especially considering he is only trading the morning session. This led me to purchase the Diversified Trading System. DTS and the Mean Renko Bars is like looking at the charts in Hi Def, wow! Now that I am a member of your site I have access to some great instructional videos which I find are very easy to follow and perfect for pausing and taking notes or repeating a part I don’t quite understand when hearing it the first time. 

Your customer service is second to none! When I purchased DTS, and I had a few questions I received a prompt response from you and Ben to ensure I had everything working correctly.

I am confident that if I should ever have a question, it won’t go unanswered as you have a great team at Indicator Warehouse. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to learn about trading.

Thanks for doing what you guys do!

Bryan G. - Locust Grove, GA01/09/2016


With the indicators that I purchased from Indicator Warehouse, I was able to make 3 winning trades and zero losing trades in the first 30 minutes after installing. Thanks again and please relay my appreciation to Ben and your team.

C. Patterson - Western Australia12/30/2015


DTS is a relatively simple system to use and allows for a variety of trading styles because you have 3 signal generators (scalp, swing, trend). Money management is a component of the package and all the tools provided as a package complement each other. “If you can afford the risk take the trade” is drilled by Erich in the training room – probably the biggest help has been in the money management side of things and the process of how to more effectively grow an account. I purchased DTS as I had over time been impressed with the trading tools the company was developing and the tools I had already purchased had assisted in my trading. DTS complements what I was already doing and assisted in various weaknesses by allowing for more definitive solutions. My conversations with Erich and his team made me comfortable that they were very focussed to develop a successful product.

C. Rabley - Irmo, South Carolina12/22/2015


I like the combination of the Hawk, Falcon and Eagle – they allow trader to stay on the right side of the trade and have timely heads up for trend changes. I’m mainly a hawk scalp trader going for small bites and with surprisingly little practice and observation I am very rarely wrong. DTS tends to “clean up” the invariable clutter and whipsaw action so it’s easier to stay out of those periods. By incorporating the directional channels of the Eagle with the Hawk, it is fairly obvious which trade direction you need to pay attention to.

Craig. P. - Perth, Western Australia12/11/2015

Automated money management

Trade Manager has the ability to stick to a trading plan and has a large range of stop choices. Ability to let a trade run its course without worrying about not moving stop because my attention was diverted. I find that when watching the charts it is too easy to let emotions affect decisions and get out early – it is also a great visual of how to best manage trades historically. I have been using two charts per instrument. One chart has a strategy for entries the other has Trade Manager for exits.

D. Lee - San Francisco, CA12/04/2015

Automated money management

New Trade Manager’s flexibility to change stops and global settings for different time frames removes my frustration from changing my stops to secure more profits in mega trend situation. TM has covered almost every aspect I can think of at the moment. New Trader Manager is just the greatest tool for risk management in the market.

D. Nichols - Fremont, NH11/22/2015

Indicator Warehouse use BMT indicators

Trade Manager is user friendly, prevents losses, and takes advantage of big moves with the use of trailing stops. I can set up a trade and go do other things without having to be glued to the computer. It minimizes losses while maximizing profits and helps me manage psychological factors.

David Jae - Oak Park, CA10/31/2015

indicator warehouse trade manager

I just recently purchased your DTS Falcon trader system along with the New Trade Manager, and I just want to say what an amazing system this is. I’m new at trading, and I have tried several other software indicators, and nothing compares to DTS. It’s extremely simple to understand for the newbie, and the customer service is excellent. If your looking for a software indicator package to help with your trades look no further…. this is it! Thank you, Erich Senft.

L. MacDonald - Gardner, MA10/03/2015

Indicator Warehouse Results

The DTS signals are easy to understand, taking out the guesswork, so I know when to enter a trade and it helps you leverage your account to your maximum benefit. Trade Manager has great money management features and overall my anxiety has decreased.

Dennis E. 10/18/2015

Best trading platform

Erich, I appreciate your company and your supplies for providing great quality indicators that work. I have so much more confidence in trading! I will continue to be a loyal customer. Hope we can meet in the future. Cheers!

E. Leeuwe - Bergschenhoek, Netherlands09/17/2015

Trading Platform

I got all my charts up and really excited about the DTS system, it gives me confidence and finally gives me the feeling I know what I am doing. At this moment, I am watching the Spring trading material which are very helpful to get an understanding about the best setups to take. I love Trade manager by the way, what a wonderful tool that is, my compliments.

E. Murray - Dublin, Ireland08/27/2015

DTS Fraud

I’m using all three DTS and currently breaking into trade manager. There is no doubt that they are spitting out good signals, and you will still take losses if you are trading every signal. It’s predicting the right ones by time of day and volume I find. I am finding it difficult to accept trade manager right now but I am getting used to it, it has managed to save my ass. So I think it may be useful. Just in case anyone’s wondering. I think the best DTS to start off is the Swing. I use it constantly even though I’m a scalper myself. Look, it’s not perfect if it was we’d be all billionaires right? But in my experience there is nothing as easy to follow and install and as accurate with signals as the DTS. What I’m most looking forward to is Erich’s live room so I can see which signals he decides to pick and why.. I think this is where my learning curve will peak. Good article Erich and thanks for creating the DTS!

Emmanuel - The Netherlands08/13/2015

NinjaTrader System Testing

What a great investment the Profit Finder was for me, never had such a clear picture of which setup to take and what stops to use, a real eye opener. Thanks Ben for the adjustment you made, works great!

David G. - Lexington, NC08/08/2015

NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse

I wanted to say thank-you for the courteous and timely assistance that you provided. It is always a pleasure to do business with people who make customer satisfaction their top priority.

Erik S. - Los Angeles, CA07/28/2015

NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse

I would not buy my products from anyone else — All of the products I have purchased, in one way or another, have paid themselves back to me at least 5-fold or more. Erich, I would be remiss if I did not thank you for your kindness and professionalism — Always there to say or write something encouraging when the trading is rough. You have been personally great to me and I thank you for that. Keep up the fantastic work!

F. Linick - Myrtle Beach, SC07/23/2015


I have always believed in the KISS principal. DTS fits this to the tee. I like the choice of 3 systems which equates to 3 different time frames and the type of trading you want to do. The best is knowing exactly when to enter and exit based on the size of my account and my risk tolerance. I got DTS because I was tired of all the crap that’s out there. This has been developed and tested by real traders and the charts are clutter free!

F. Watkins - Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK07/13/2015

Indicator Warehouse testimonial

I love the Mean Renko Bars because they give you an edge over candlesticks. When markets go sideways candlesticks become smaller with upper and lower wicks -that’s market noise making it hard to read, now think about three candlesticks jumping up and down ranging 12 ticks from top to bottom.

With Mean Renko Bars this could be just one Bar on the Eagle trend trader, when three Mean Renko Bars of 12 ticks move up or down, that’s 36 ticks – I have never done so well. Erich keeps you well informed and educates you, showing you what trades to take and what not to take. He will share his trading knowledge with you in real-time and Ben will help with your program downloads. DTS is my last stop, I have been trading for 27 years and I can finally use my new found experience with the Falcon as I love taking the middle out of the markets as it swings.

Faisal M - Ontario, Canada06/17/2015

Best Trading Software

Hi Erich, I’m very pleased with the custom Indicator Warehouse you programmed for me and your company looks great to me —– fantastic software packages —- great knowledgeable employees! I appreciate your expertise in it’s development “DTS” (Diversified Trading System) The variable inputs you included allow me to trade a variety of instruments in multiple time frames.I like them — it helps with psychology as well as keeping you focused on being on the right side of the market. Showing the logical retracement area – painted on the chart, very nice. Took a trade today based on that, with a stop below support, for a nice winner. I know that you put a great deal of thought into it. In all honesty, I feel that no other programmer could have achieved the same result at such a fair price. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Francis Mercuri - Tucson, Arizona05/28/2015

indicator warehouse review

I’m a new trader and have looked around extensively before choosing a system. I now am the proud owner of DTS. I am able to use any of the 3 birds to find a great trade set up and because of this versatility I am able to really focus on a selective strategy in any of the 3 tools. I can’t say enough about how powerful the signals and filters are as well as producing profits. The 3 separate Birds (tools) make trading much fun and are less challenging, after all isn’t that what trading should be. My hats off to all of the creators of DTS and not to leave out the Trade Manager which is an industry leader.

The staff of professionals at Indicator Warehouse were all glad to assist in anyway to get this incredible software product [DTS] to me. I was impressed by the prompt response whenever I needed an answer for something that I couldn’t understand and by answering my questions made the process go smooth. I am happy to have chosen these folks to begin my trading career with.



Fred K. - California05/18/2015


Even in these first few hours of today’s market, I’m learning a tremendous amount, as an observer of these indicators, and will remain so as I learn and become more comfortable with all of their functions. Thanks again for your help and Ben’s help implementing these programs.

Jayme N. - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil04/20/2015

Best trading platform

I was looking for a reliable source to acquire my first indicators, I Googled it and found lots of websites, but the one who gave me the best feeling of safety and seriousness was by far Indicatorwarehouse.com. I had some questions before which were promptly answered, they even called me to arrange everything I needed. After acquiring the indicators, I received everything (indicators and instructions) in less than a minute, all by email, very easy to use and all support given, I recommend Indicators Warehouse for every trading need!

Geof - Knoxville, Tennessee05/08/2015

DTS testimonial

Trade Manager is a big help when setting stops. I set the program to manual and use it on different charts with different stop parameters. I do this because the ES can have different volatility even trading short term making different stop parameters work better a different time. When I see a chart I like with a stop parameter that looks reasonable, I switch that chart to auto. By switching to auto I can then let the trade run and avoid the impulse to cut the trade short or the need to sit and babysit the trade to its conclusion.

Jeff A. - Sacramento, CA05/02/2015

Best trading platform

(Excerpt)…Thanks again to everyone at Indicator Warehouse for only supplying the creme of the crop of indicators and trading systems.

J. Holton - Indianapolis, IN04/11/2015

NinjaTrader scalping system

I have been position trading for 15 years, but could never find a scalping system which I could trade with confidence! I like the simplicity – no mysterious methods and the ability to adjust to changing market conditions and the fact that it’s applicable across different markets. I was looking for a scalping ‘system’. The Hawk micro-scalper has provided a framework for me to look at different markets, and develop settings and a method to trade a few ‘favorite’ markets. After watching the introductory ‘trading room’ with Erich, I decided the scalper was probably a viable trading system. What I like best is that it doesn’t ‘force’ a trade. Sometimes markets just aren’t doing anything, and scalper will generally screen out these periods.

Jim Clair - El Paso, Texas03/23/2015

Best Trading Software

I recently purchased the Eagle Trend Trader (ETT) and added the installation service provided by Ben. I am absolutely pleased with the installation. Primarily because I have peace of mind knowing it was properly installed and operating at max capacity. Secondarily, because he was so patient answering all my questions and he took the time to provide valuable tips during the installation. In the final analysis when I make a purchase and have had time to reflect back if I feel it was a good decision and I would do it again then I know it was a good decision. Upon reflection If I had it to do again I would still choose to have Ben install the product. Finally, he has answered all my emails regarding questions that arose once I began using ETT. I’m satisfied with ETT and the installation service.

Joe M. - Cleveland, OH03/21/2015

DTS Results

I want to commend you and your team for selling a good product. Although I haven’t used my live account yet I have increased my winning trades by 20% using the sim account. I plan to attend the Forex live sessions this upcoming week. I should be ready for live trading after this. So far I have had dealings with all three resident expert traders, sales and tech service. All have assisted as best they could. In one instance an email was forwarded from tech support to a resident trading expert and an answer was provided. This goes a long ways with me. It’s not just some crap thrown in a box. I feel that you and your team genuinely care about what you sell and maybe more importantly genuinely care about the people that purchase your product. Lastly, the members area (included with package deals) is awesome. Between the users forum and the huge amount of informative videos I feel more and more confident. I look forward to scalping with the Hawk and look forward to eventually putting the other two birds to work for me as well

Joe Michaels - Cleveland, Ohio03/08/2015

Indicator Warehouse Scam

DTS has easy to interpret charts (Mean Renko Bars), easy to download and manipulate settings, and audible alerts to upcoming trades. It saves me a lot of time analyzing charts prior to trading. I can pretty much jump right in. DTS allows me a different (increased) confidence that I didn’t have before. I can identify set ups before they happen and not during.

John H. - Charleston, SC.02/13/2015

DTS Scam

Erich, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredibly kind service and super fast response that you personally gave to me. What’s more you should be applauded for the level of integrity and attention that you showed to me as a new customer. First, you could not have been more helpful in my determination to purchase all three DTS birds from Indicator Warehouse. He has a wealth of useful knowledge. Then when it came time to pull the trigger on my purchase, you had my back when a bothersome glitch occurred with PayPal. After installation, Ben in your tech support department was “by my side” until all three Birds and the Trade Manager were installed and running smoothly. Indicator Warehouse is a first class, centered organization. Thank you, Erich, and please thank Ben for everything!

UPDATE: 2/13/2015

I want to thank you for your professionalism and products over the past 3 years since first becoming a loyal customer of Indicator Warehouse.  I have purchased several trading systems and many indicators from Indicator Warehouse and have always received prompt response to my questions and concerns.  I have also used their consulting services and have always received value for money spent.  I can strongly recommend Indicator Warehouse and want to also thank Ben for such incredible technical support with all my questions.  I wish you all the best with your future offerings.  All I can say is, if your system isn’t consistent, buy and use Profit Finder, and analyze your assumptions and reconfigure based on facts, not assumptions. 

John K. 01/22/2015


I really appreciate your help in providing me with the 3 indicators. The software works flawlessly, the price was right, and your personal attention to this was excellent. I’m sure I’ll be back for more. Take care, all the best!

John May 01/12/2015

DTS Scam

I’ve been trading for a living for 6 years now and have bought quite a few products. Most have been mediocre at best and less than what I expected. I believe back testing is the reason I’ve been able to give up a “real” job and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve (and thus reduce the time I need to spend trading in order to make profit targets). I had never found an automated back testing tool that could do what I wanted. Looks like my Profit Finder investment was definitely a good one.

I put the back-tested setup into action this week. Results are for the EURJPY forex pair from +Tuesday morning through +Friday morning trading a 5 pip range chart. Trading hours were the usual best ones from 4am until noon, +1pm to 4pm, and +8pm to 10pm. Most of the trades in the out-of-sample results were actual ones, but, as I don’t sit in front of the computer 12 hours a day, some are hypothetical based on chart review. Actual and hypothetical results were very close.

There are only 41 trades in out-of-sample so I’m not done yet but, amazingly, at this moment, results overall are a bit better than the back-test ones.

The other amazing thing is these trades require only a 10 pip stop so the % return is phenomenal (even while risking less than 2.5% of portfolio per trade). Of course, given the tiny stop and forex margin requirements, I couldn’t risk much more than that even if I wanted to. I almost hate to tell you the maximum drawdown because you probably won’t believe it, but it was just a tad over 3%. I can honestly say I would never have found this setup without Profit Finder. Being able to do things 10 to 20 times faster is a definite plus.

I’m ready to declare a victory. Have well over a hundred actual, out-of-sample trades in addition to the back test numbers below and the numbers are holding up very well.

Thanks for a great product.

John Meyer, MD - Atlanta, GA01/04/2015

Best trading platform

Hello Erich, I want to thank you all for providing great products at great prices and especially for excellent service and support. I don’t know of any other Ninjatrader third party company that cares as much as you all care. Your website is a pleasure to use and your indicators valuable. Thanks so much. Feel free to use my comments.

Bob Mindell - Utah12/30/2014

Best Trading Software

I have used a few futures day-trading programs, but the Indicator Warehouse products are by far the best. If you use these “DTS birds” in conjunction with Erich’s method of reading charts (very simple to learn), you should have a good shot at making money. I have all three birds, but personally like the Eagle the best, even though I am a scalper. When the Eagle gives a signal, it is a SERIOUS signal.

Jon G. - Asheville, NC12/21/2014

Best trading platform

Thanks for the MACD Crossover Alert Ninja Trader indicator. I set it up today and was rewarded with high volatility in the NQ market. I was very successful with 15 out of 19 trades winning and a total of 93.50 points! My usual setup was trading three contracts with profits set at 6 and 8 points and one runner. On my largest winning trade I ended up with 4 contracts running on a long trend for a total of 55 points! So yes I am pleased with your product!

Jose Siandre 12/10/2014

ninjatrader bar timer indicator

Erich, this system is going to be a true game changer for me! Thanks for making my trading so much more easier!

Ken Dingle 12/02/2014

DTS results

Thank you Erich, everything is going to work out very well. A one on one coaching session with you is worth 10 times your weight in gold. I look forward to an exciting new chapter in life. Blessings, Ken Dingle

L. Rice - Missouri City, TX11/29/2014

Best Trading Software

After investing a great deal of time and money in various systems and indicators, I have learned that they are only as good as the people supporting the product. Everyone at IW has been great! The Hawk has performed better than expected and much of that has been due to the training and support I have received. Keep up the great work!

C. Faulkner - Aptos, CA11/24/2014

Position management is the bomb (everyone talks about the % risk sizing model, but even though I can trade more that 1 or 2 lots I rarely seem to trade like that in real time) and so to have it done automatically is great! I can just dial in the % risk and go. Easily reduce leverage and knowing the actual cost of my profit targets and expected profit of prior to submitting the trade. I also love the fact that the I can change the stop indicator mechanism on the fly and get a preview of different stop before I commit to changing.

Larry Finch - Baltimore, MD11/13/2014

Best trading platform

After you tune in your indicators by paper trading, they are very very good. The prices are great and so is the service. I am always looking at your web site for something I can add on.

Larry G. 10/28/2014

Best trading platform

In my humble opinion, you should start having everyone at Indicator Warehouse strongly emphasizing the fact that you have highly qualified training coaches that can turn us trading novices into trading successes. You truly have a business that is a one stop source for everything a trader needs to be successful if they will only utilize all you have to offer. I believe that you, your products, and of course, your extremely knowledgeable sales and training people will be largely responsible for me making it in this business. I want to thank you for that.

Larry Gwinn 10/17/2014

Best Trading Software

I did indeed get all three DTS signal generators. I could tell just from the videos that DTS was really good, however when I got it on my computer oh what unbelievable clarity. It didn’t take me but a few minutes to decide how I was going to use it. After only a few minutes of real time viewing, I decided to use the Falcon and Eagle in conjunction with each other, and then only take the “prime cuts” type of trade.

M. Asselin - Hebron, New Hampshire10/06/2014

DTS Review

I was laid off in October 2012 and decided to try trading stocks to replace the paycheck since I was 60 years old and the chances of finding a new engineering manager job was pretty slim in this economy. At first I tried trading stocks by viewing the stock charts. That didn’t work well so I then studied stock indicators and tried to trade stocks using various stock indicators in addition to the stock charts. I had as many losing trades as winning trades so that did not work well either. After about three months of no success, I then looked at various software packages for trading stocks and came across the DTS software by Indicator Warehouse. I decided to try it as the software gave suggested entry points to purchase or sell the trades and I liked the risk management approach used by the Trade Manager program. The training by Indicator Warehouse has been great and the support by Ben has been outstanding. I have been trading with the DTS Falcon Swing program (with Trade Manager) and with the Ninja Trader stock indicators for a month now and just purchased the DTS Eagle Trend program. My trading success has been great as I have been consistently making more money than I made in my previous job. I look forward to now using the DTS Eagle program in addition to the DTS Falcon program and having even more success.

M. Lange - Orlando, FL09/27/2014

Indicator Warehouse results

Your trading system rocks. As a Ninja Trader programmer myself, it’s the best multi-time frame system/strategy i’ve seen on the market. Thanks for not being greedy, these are the kinds of signals i’ve only seen at hedge funds. well done and congrats on your success. 

David G. - Cedar Rapids, Iowa08/21/2014

Automated money management

The Account Protection feature – being able to trade the correct number of shares by setting your entry and stop price based on the % of your account that you are willing to risk on any one trade is fantastic. Along the same lines, being able to automatically have the number of shares rounded to the nearest hundred is a bonus! No more uneven number of shares, which always increased commissions. Also, being able to set pre-defined targets that are automatically placed upon setting your entry price and stop is quick, easy, and beneficial. Finally, the ability to see the proper placement of stops (based on many options) lessens the emotion of stop placement. I used to set my stops too tight. Now I place them using the bar high / low – 5 bars back and stick to them. Trade Manager is a complete system for proper account management and stop placement. It’s the only complete system to properly manage a trade before, during, and after. If you are a serious trader you need this.

Mark J. - Dallas, TX08/17/2014


From what I have seen, you have a top notch group working with you to provide some very powerful indicators, and for that I thank you!

Mike Aston - Cornwall, United Kingdom08/03/2014

Indicator Warehouse Review

I would like to take this opportunity to say Erich Senft is an asset to your company!. This man has just got up in the early hours to show me how the DTS Falcon works. We have just spent over two hours on the London open on the relevant pairs I like trading. DTS generated signals in places I would never get with my trading method.

Dean D. - Meridian, ID07/28/2014

Indicator Warehouse scam

Seeing DTS traded every day by a seasoned trader has proven to be invaluable. I had my doubts at first but decided to follow the rules exactly. The results have been outstanding! Thanks to DTS I’m finally a consistent winner. You and your entire staff are a breath of fresh air in the trading world. Thank you for such a great tool!

UPDATE: After 1 1/2 Years

I want to say thank you. I can never thank you enough Erich for all you have given me, and for how much indicator warehouse has helped my trading. I am always telling traders that I know how great indicator warehouse is. DTS and the live trading room was the one two punch I needed to turn my trading around.

N. Levig - Canada07/21/2014

Automated money management

Trade Manager allows me the flexibility to adjust trailing stops during trade with a wide selection of dynamic trailing stops for different market conditions and intervals. Quick and accurate position sizing for different instruments with own contract specs. TM determines for me the proper position size for account size and risk tolerance to overcapitalize winners and undercapitalize losers. This reduces stress and emotional trading by combining specific targets and runners.

Blair Delorey - Sun Valley, CA07/03/2014

Best trading platform

Erich, and the rest of the IW staff, I am happy to recommend that anyone using NinjaTrader as a platform NEEDS Indicator Warehouse as a primary source of dependable and easy to install charting indicators. The support team goes that extra mile
and the documentation, free webinars, and videos make training and problem solving a snap. HF&TW (Have Fun & Trade Well).

Nicos Caravias - Queenstown, New Zealand06/29/2014

DTS Results

I have personally been struggling from day one to find a trading system THAT WORKS. I have spent a great deal of money and time on different systems and indicators with no lasting success! After studying, setting up and beginning to sim trade, I always found “something” to be missing. My account ran like a heart monitor! I truly started to believe it had to be me.

It is said that true change to success happens in the moment of deep despair. For me, this was 2 days ago. I had come across the DTS trading system and the trade manager a week prior when I had once again blown my trading account. After watching a recorded DTS demo with Erich, I felt and knew I had found what I was looking for: a winning trading system and the key to trading: money management .

I purchased the hawk and trade manager and have just completed Erich’s “day trading for everyone”. Erich was awesome. He explained the DTS trading system and trade manager completely, step by step, with a ton of invaluable futures trading “must knows”.

I finally know WHY I was never able to make consistent profits and somehow knowing this, has made my journey worthwhile!

Thank you so much IW Team for all your help and support.

Dr. M. - Los Angeles, CA.06/24/2014

Trading Platform

My first purchase I made from Indicator Warehouse was the volume pressure indicator. For my trading style, it is very effective. What also impressed me was how well designed it was and the over all reliability. Since I had such great success with it, I decided to explore more of the their products. I purchased the Visual Time and Sales indicator. Another quality, well conceived indicator. The next logical step was investigating DTS.

Upon inquiring about the trading system I received a call from Erich Senft. Erich works for Indicator warehouse. He was amazing. He was very patient and informative. It took me a while to decide which “Bird” I would consider purchasing. Erich connected me to his computer several times and walked me through a variety of trades and demonstrations. The beauty of working with Erich is he is a consummate professional trader that uses the product he is selling. Not only did I learn about the product I picked up a lot of trading tips. Erich is a winner and Indicator warehouse is a classy, reliable vendor. Great service, great products, great people.

Phil P. M.D. - Branson, MO06/15/2014

DTS Review

I just purchased 2 birds, the trade manager, and 2 of the trading system add-ons. I am an ER physician and PhD so I am used to doing research. I studied multiple systems that were available. I eliminated the $1000 to $3 million in 1 month systems, the ultra complex chart systems, the systems that depended on a trading room, e-mail, or instant message to tell you when to enter/leave a trade, and the ones that were not based on real trades. I checked out reviews from other sites and that left only a few systems. In my opinion, yours is the best. Then you impressed me even more by taking an hour of your time, not even knowing if I was going to buy anything, explaining each bird with its strengths and weaknesses. The trade manager looks to be very helpful to me as I like to trade at work but I sometimes have to leave my office quickly and not return for hours. I once found I had lost $20,000 by leaving a trade on and do not want to repeat that. Thanks for the great experience so far. From other reviews I only expect it to get better.

UPDATE: 6/15/2014

Since my previous review, I have proceeded to add the third bird and a couple more boosters. I have Sim traded for a month. I have back tested and maximized profit settings on 600 trades (Profit Finder was invaluable for this). I have availed myself with the ongoing free trading rooms and followed knowledgeable traders who can teach. I started very small and I am now consistently profitable(as Erich says: “Don’t be in a hurry to lose money.” and “If you can consistently take 2 points a day out of the E-mini when you build up your account to trading 25 contracts per day you have $500,000 a year income.”). I’m 64 and retiring soon and this has been just a delight: no more nights, weekends, or holidays.

Bert Holland - Gloucester, Great Britain06/01/2014

Trading Platform

The DTS system is brilliant. The set ups are clear and often profitable. The guys and gals at Indicator Warehouse are very helpful and genuinely want you to succeed. I’ve been successfully trading stocks for a living, but now have the ability to trade a range of instruments – forex, indicies, commodities successfully on a daily basis. Even if you’re a newbie you can be quickly up to speed. The manual has all you need. Getting the software is easy and I needed a little help in getting it installed. This was done in a timely fashion. I was shown the set ups that had occurred on that day.

Over the years I’ve looked at many systems and shelled out a lot of cash for systems that I wasn’t comfortable trading. The search is over. This delivers. As to its expense. If you pay $100 for a system that doesn’t work then I consider that expensive. If you pay $10,000 and it works then that’s cheap. Luckily Indicator Warehouse are asking a lot less. That means it’s within the range of the average person. This average person, is for one, grateful!

Rick V. - Phoenix, Arizona05/26/2014

Trading Platform

I have been riding the trading roller coaster for over 5 years know, purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of education materials and software while traveling to different educational schools and venues on the east and west coasts trying to find a method of trading i can use to replace my income lost after successfully selling my business in 2006. I even made a substantial private stock ownership investment in a trading school as a hedge against my possible failure, but trading profits have alluded me until recently purchasing all three DTS birds from Erich at Indicator Warehouse (IW). Very easy to implement; from market direction to entry and exit including (Money Management) are all masterfully handled by the software if you so choose. The training by Erich is priceless in the trading room, Ben is incredible with support and Erich has the highest of integrity. I have purchased many other products from IW since there opening in 2009 and this product i can honestly say just might be the last one i ever need to own. In short my journey has been long and very expensive, arduous and discouraging to say the least at many times, but i have finally broken through.

Scott H. - San Diego, CA05/18/2014


The custom trading bars [Mean Renko Bars] have given me additional confidence to enter trades by allowing me to see when a real breakout is occurring. Consequently, my losing trades due to fake outs are less often.

Robert Smart - Woodbridge On., Canada05/12/2014


I recently bought the DTS at the end of 2013. I asked for support and got lots of it. Great service.

Ron Hartigan 05/05/2014

DTS Fraud

Everybody so far has been really helpful. Ben deserves a pay raise. He went over and above today in getting the Profit Finder working to accommodate my special needs. It must have been around 11pm your time when he emailed me a mod to help with reading my prepackaged signals. Worked a treat. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship for the both of us.

Ron O. - California04/15/2014

NinjaTrader System Testing

I purchased the Profit Finder from IW a few weeks ago. It is really a quality product for fine tuning any system or strategy. It’s greatest value to me has been the time it saves to test many parameters in my systems.

S. Barnes - Valemount, Canada03/28/2014

Trading Platform

I’m writing this review to any traders that are fairly new to trading, and have been looking for a trading system. I personally have been struggling for at least 2 to 3 years with trying to find a complete trading system THAT WORKS. This is a very difficult and challenging problem; it is right up there with trading itself. I have spent a good size fortune and time on investing in different systems, and I was a very big skeptic. The different systems I tried either didn’t work, or did not work for me, or both. The DTS trading system and the trade manager supplied by Indicator Warehouse is a very complete, and an easy to use system. A lot of study, time and technical Know-how has been brought into this system. Also, there are three different options with in the system to help you with your trading style, be it scalping, swing or trend or longer term moves, so this is where some of the dynamic qualities start to really preform. I highly recommend this system. As I said, I was a very big skeptic. If there were one thing that I could recommend at the same level as the DTS system, I would very strongly recommend the two-month trading course with Erich. When it is available. This is a man who knows the system and the futures markets very well. And can show you how to trade with the system. Also, he will show you the markets, and the trading systems limitations. The last 4 to 5 weeks I traded live as my confidence grew, and was very profitable for once. And I suppose this is where you could use an old saying if you want to get good at anything….. copy a master. If you have tried some or even one other system and had no luck, this is worth a try, All most of us want to see when we purchase something is, are we receiving value for our hard earned money? All I can say is, I DID. I would also like to take the time to say thank you to Ben for his help and support. warm regards

Eric B. - Denver, CO.04/07/2014


I haven’t felt this good since I started trading. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on systems and trade rooms and I can show from my personal experience, bar none, the DTS System is the quickest route to making consistent profits in today’s market. It has never been this easy. I strongly encourage any newbie or experienced trader to give DTS a try – the good results will speak for themselves.


Samuel B. - Kent, England03/21/2014

NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse

The service I received from Indicator warehouse was second to none. I purchase Indicators quickly, safely and am now profiting from them. Erich is always on hand to supply top notch service. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Ernie B. - Oahu, Hawaii03/08/2014

Best trading platform

I have purchased many systems, auto-traders, indicators and other trading software from 14 different vendors found in Ninja Trader 3rd party library over the past 3 years. The one vendor I find I keep going back to is Erich’s Indicator Warehouse. I discovered these indicators are useful and affordable. I think my trading tool box I built from Indicator Warehouse has given me the winning edge I needed to be finally successful in this difficult business of trading.

Scott C. - Monroe, LA02/21/2014

Best trading platform

I am impressed with your Fibonacci on Session indicator. Fib lines are important support and resistance but can be difficult to continually update on an intraday basis. Your indicator is the first one I have used that not only works but works well. The ability to switch to history mode and see where the fib lines were drawn on the chart on past days is quite helpful as well. Thanks for your quick and helpful support when requested.

Scott Perry - Little Rock, AR.02/11/2014

Day trading platform

Just ran a test…wow this is incredible…I don’t know of anything like this out there…congratulations as every Ninja Trader platform will eventually have to have this…thanks as well for making the price reasonable.

Shaun Glendinning - Cape Town, South Africa01/17/2014

DTS review

DTS is colour coded for easy visual identification, especially for the beginner. I personally love trading all three birds at the same time! It allows me to trade any market condition. The support system at IW is great.  DTS does all the behind the scene calculations and gives you the heads-up to get ready for the trade, as well as the exact entries to take. It’s a one package deal! One price and you have all you need to trade any market condition. With the Trade Manager there is no more need to work out how many contracts I need to take or what is my allocated risk on any particular trade. It does it all for you! I think the Trade Manager is the best part of my whole DTS package. It gave me the confidence to take the trade setup as and when it presented itself. I must say without a doubt that “DTS” as a package, stands head and shoulders above all of its competitors. I have not come across any trading software package that offers the same degree of simplicity, support, and just all round accuracy when it comes to executing a trade! Thanks to all concerned with this great trading platform.

Shelli S. - Sarasota, FL01/08/2014

Indicator Warehouse Fraud

The Indicator Warehouse team has hit a bases loaded grand slam with DTS. I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the Falcon and the Eagle. I’ve seen very nice success in the short time I’ve been working with each module i.e. the Falcon for day trading and the Eagle for holding for longer periods. I especially like the fact that each module is geared to what type of trader the client is as opposed to one size fits all. The directions are very easy to follow for the set up and the videos are very clear and easy to understand. I must also compliment IW on the support that is given for questions and issues that may occur for the client as well as the trading rooms that are available to watch trades set up in real time and be able to ask questions. It is apparent to me that IW is very committed to their clients becoming successful traders.

Skip Romaner - Tucker, GA.12/30/2013

Best trading platform

I am very impressed with both the quality of the indicators offered by Indicator Warehouse and with their service after the sale. I purchased their Moving Average Cross indicator, and it does everything that it is advertised to do, plus it has more options and features than were advertised. Most importantly, it is very accurate in signaling moving average crosses. I recently got a new computer and wanted to switch the indicator from the old computer, and they were very helpful and prompt in helping me to get it up and running on the new machine, answering my emails quickly with any questions/problems I had with the switch-over. I would not hesitate to recommend Indicator Warehouse’s products and service.

Stephen H. - Compton, CA12/22/2013


I had a technical issue that was frustrating considering I have a near zero knowledge of computer software. I called indicator warehouse for support and received a return call from Mr. Erich Senft, President of Indicator Warehouse within five minutes. Mr. Halpern was knowledgeable about the situation which was apparently was caused by my web browser, and had me up and running in fifteen minutes. He was down to earth and accessible, service like this is harder to find these days. Though I hope this is the last indicator i’ll ever buy, i wouldn’t hesitate patronizing Indicator Warehouse in the future.

Syeda Mehdi - Matthews, NC12/14/2013

Best trading platform

I would like to express my gratitude to Ben Letto. Ben assisted me in understanding the indicators. I appreciated his patience and knowledge in delivering information. Ben is a great employee to your company. He was especially helpful and friendly in this experience. Not only did he answer my questions, but he did it in a very helpful way. I really feel like he went the extra mile to make sure that I was being helped. Too many times in recent experiences, it seems that attention to customer service is left out of the equation, in order to get the task at hand done. When speaking and working with Ben, I didn’t feel rushed, and with my limited experience with Indicators at this time, I didn’t feel like I was asking stupid questions. Coming from a customer service oriented background, this is very important to me. He is an excellent professional who is dedicated to his work and his extraordinary services is greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to work with him more. Erich you’re very helpful to your costumers and your indicator warehouse service is awesome your indicators are something i never saw before please keep doing good work looking forward to buy other indicators from you soon i’ll defiantly recommend this excellent indicators to anyone who’re interested in making good money. Thanks.

Tom Berwick - Houston, TX.12/07/2013

Indicator Warehouse fraud

I just installed the DTS package and backtracked to my last losing trade. OMG. With the DTS signals, I had no business entering the trade at that point. The lower signal area had green dots, the signal line was still green, etc. etc. If this package had been installed, the entry was 5 bars later and would have been good for my normal targets and then however long I wanted to stick around with the runner, which could have been as long as another 20 minutes or so. Arghhhhh. I really wish this suite of tools had been available prior to now. Would have saved more than the cost of the system on the other indicators I’ve purchased. They work, but there’s more subjective analysis required. DTS is pretty straightforward.

Tony Lopez - Clifton, NJ11/20/2013

DTS Scam

Your DTS system is tremendous! Like many skeptical fellow traders I had initially purchased one bird alone. In my case I chose to go solo with the Falcon. Though the Falcon will produce profitable swing trades it became quite obvious I was missing out on the overall picture or market direction. Guess I can best describe it like driving a car and looking only several feet instead of several yards ahead. As a result, I was getting out of trades far sooner than I should have. That’s when I decided to purchase the Eagle. Immediately, the two birds began generating trades which allowed me to take several more ticks in profit than I would have with one bird alone. That’s when I got that ah-ha moment! I had come to realize that I needed the Hawk to catch those shorter swing trades I would otherwise have missed with the Falcon and Eagle alone.

Overall, not only is the IW Diversified Trading System a solid performer but the investment in all three birds has already paid off in a just a few short weeks. I hesitated at first, but after many hours of trading with one bird alone, I got to find out for myself the very same thing that Erich Senft and others had all along suggested. That the DTS system works best when you have all three birds hunting together. So now I can only wonder about how much more profit had I left on the table.

I tend to counter swing trade and jokingly refer to it as the lizard Falcon trade. Spend sometime with Erich in the DTS TV live room and you will see what I mean.

Also, the IW support team just plain rocks! The training staff too are a great bunch and highly knowledgeable professional traders.

Lastly. Can’t forget to mention Ben Letto. He’s the guy that turns the switch ON so your indicators work and sends you the links where to download your product. He’s great at troubleshooting problems you may encounter. Just a bunch of good and wonderful people to work with.

Thank you Erich Senft for creating such a wonderful and super simple trading system.

W. Benjamin 11/07/2013

Indicator Warehouse Fraud

The Mean Renko Bars removes choppiness and make trading easier. The entry signals are clearly defined and I do not have to guess about entry. Excellent money management – I can properly define my risk without leaving the chart. I’m still in the learning process, but I love that proper position sizing and risks are automatically calculated before executing the trade so I can make money without blowing out my account.

William C. - Novato, CA10/19/2013

Best trading platform

Just to let you know.I am very happy with the service, thoughtfulness, and personal touch that Indicator Warehouse brings to the process of doing business.

Martin Clarke 09/25/2013

DTS testimonial

Erich, Thanks very much! I am impressed with both your professionalism and responsiveness! Very pleased

Dr. ML 09/14/2013

Best trading platform

I have spent @ $80,000 in “trader education….Thanks for not only the indicator, but the potential key to earn a wonderful living, (with, of course, the all important discipline strictly on top…). You may very well be the answer to many prayers.

Vic T. - Northern CA09/03/2013

Best trading platform

In an industry full of get rich quick vendors, it’s nice to work with a professional organization that still respects integrity and quality service.

Joey A. - Philippines08/26/2013

Best trading platform

I wish to extend my greetings to Indicator Warehouse. Your prompt response is refreshing. I have found that many times “product providers ” totally ignore or take sometime to handle an inquiry or request. Sometimes , I suspect that since I am located on the other side of the globe with an opposite time zone we are just not that important.

Jack F. - Spokane, WA08/11/2013

Best trading platform

I have STRUGGLED in my search to Learn to Trade Safely and Profitably! One of the greatest challenges a new student has is to find a Mentor that will show a person a System that he or she can learn that will allow that person to be Consistently Profitable day after day. I am gaining an understanding that I have to develop my own system using your Indicators that I can manage to achieve the Consistency. I really appreciate the good honesty, service and business model that you have. The Indicators are well worth their cost.

Phil M. - Perth, Western Australia07/22/2013

Indicator Warehouse Review

My trading history is over 12 years from utter beginner to now a seasoned trader – with some flaws. My journey to Indicator Warehouse (IW) has been long and arduous – but a great learning experience. I was recommended to IW by a close colleague and I must say it has been a solid recommendation. I knew what I was looking for from IW – but put them through their paces of “selling me” a product/s. I have taken into my suite of tools DTS Falcon and Trade Manager. I expect great things from both these tools. During the sales pitch, I was (from long experience) waiting for the hyperbole to kick in (“This is the greatest indicator ever supplied – it’s worth Millions $$”), you know the usual stuff. Instead I got a firm but low key message of its capabilities, some pertinent demonstrated facts and figures and some provable examples of Falcon in action. Erich Senft treated me with respect and courtesy, he answered every question without hesitation and he held the company line when I pushed for things I didn’t really expect to get. Erich is a professional with whom I hope to continue a relationship with over the years. As for the rest of the IW team, Ben Letto (Support) exhibits the same professional and friendly service. I get a good sense that this group of people (IW) have a common approach to doing business and a calculated style of imparting the true value of their services. Many thanks for the truly professional approach you are taking towards me as one of your clients.

UPDATE: 7/22/2013

The signal generation of the DTS (Falcon) is superb, and this linked with the Mean Renko bars provides the most visually stable platform I have used in my trading career. The stop strategies and the profit targets seem to have been well thought out. I have found these strategies to be amongst the most consistent I have ever used. Erich and Ben are the most professional providers within this industry grouping. They are courteous, helpful and very knowledgeable and they take time to explain things about the DTS system with the utmost care. Therefore all together these points make my recommendation of DTS very very valuable to me. I had begun to believe that all systems had major inherent flaws and that trading was to a large extent a lucky dip. But with DTS (Falcon) I have now reached a level of consistency that now leads me to think that luck – although a factor in trading is not that important – I think the DTS system and Erich’s teachings on Profit Management are critical to my success as a trader. Consistency is the major problem that DTS has helped me overcome. With this consistency my trading account is starting to show finally some positive signs. Previously it was a more down than up proposition. I had almost lost FAITH in my abilities to make a living from trading. Now I believe that (with the help of DTS) trading can be my life’s work.

Donna L. - Euless, TX07/11/2013

Best trading platform

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me – I really appreciated your extra time and effort more than you can possibly imagine. It’s wonderful people like you that make people want to deal with Indicator Warehouse – it’s just so easy. Blessings to you for all you do to help others.

Alan J. - Columbia, SC06/24/2013

Best trading platform

A friend of mine told me of your ‘Indicator Warehouse’ site earlier this year and so I decided to check it out. I have been quite impressed with your website, indicators and you personally. Earlier this year we talked via ‘Skype’ and I could tell you really put the customer first. Rest assured I will keep coming back to your site to see what is new and to purchase more tools to help me trade with more precision.

Scott M. - Melbourne Beach, Florida06/10/2013

Best trading platform

My experience with Indicator Warehouse far exceeded my expectations. I had an issue with the indicator I purchased and the staff of Indicator Warehouse coordinated with the developer and quickly resolved my issue. The indicator works well and was a great value for the cost. I highly recommend Indicator Warehouse to anyone looking for an edge in their trading.

Alessandro M. - Italy05/23/2013

Best trading platform

The indicators are very good and useful and they work as promised!

Noel 05/08/2013

Best trading platform

Indicator Warehouse provided fast and friendly service. If you are looking for quality service at the best price going, then I would highly recommend purchasing your indicators from Indicator Warehouse.

Bert R. - New Jersey05/17/2013


I just wanted to drop a line and comment on Ben, from your support staff. Yesterday, he provided me outstanding service. His determination to resolve a problem was impressive. It feels good that there’s an outfit out there that can provide this level of professional assistance.

Bill B. 04/17/2013


I have been flat for some time while practicing my, I would like to call, My Craft. After wasting time experimenting with tools from other vendors that only succeeded in success of draining my account. I discovered “Indicator Warehouse” ran and operated by Erich Senft. I value their videos of indicators and am now purchasing them as i watch my account grow, which allows me to build my own indicator warehouse to make the experience of day trading less scary.

Erick A. - Woodlands, TX04/09/2013

Best trading platform

Indicator Warehouse is an extremely creative and extraordinarily professional organization skilled in navigating the minefields and dark tunnels of today’s tricky investing environment. As a trained Economist, I can confidently say Indicator Warehouse is a great guide on the hunt for valuable tools that provide indicative insights in today’s who-knows-what-will-happen-next market.

-Erick A.

Brian M. - Staten Island, NY03/20/2013


I love your Home Depot style of trading resources for traders. There is something for every type of trader. The service is great. If I have any problems, I have been getting immediate response. I am recommending Indicator Warehouse to my syndication.

Abhijit B. - Ontario, Canada03/11/2013

You run an extremely professional service and if there is anything that a trader feels will enhance his method I am sure he can pay up a few bucks to buy it. You do have great stuff and your service levels are of the highest standards and the indicators are very reasonably priced. All the best.

Cyrus - South Pasadena, CA03/09/2013


Indicator Warehouse has rich visual indicators that help traders filter out the market noise and really focus on the short/long term trend. Most important is the price which is very reasonable. Support staff is great. Erich is very serious about keeping customers happy. Quality website.

Greg B. 02/21/2013

Obviously your services / products have me excited. I sure want to credit you for your forward thinking in starting such a company (service) for those of us that have long awaited someone to change the playing field.

Zman 01/28/2013

Hi Erich, …I want to wish you personally and to Indicator warehouse a happy New Year 2012 and say a special thank you for improving my trading knowledge which has gone up tremendously during the last 5 months in comparison to what was happening to me before we met. May God protect you and keep you well with your family and protects your business from Bad mouth and attacks. I hope that Indicator warehouse will still be there to help us to get success in this difficult and profitable trading business when you really know what you are doing. Once again Thank you – Zman

Jay 01/16/2013


I was quite impressed both with your service and employees. The software was delivered within minutes. I requested that an employee of your company help with the installation. Ben took my request and fit me into his schedule for that same afternoon. I was trading within a couple hours. All in all I was quite pleased…..keep up the good work!

Jim 12/18/2012

Best trading platform

I placed my first order with Indicator Warehouse, and was anxious to apply the indicators to my charts. Erich personally completed the license activation required by Ninjatrader, so that I could be up and running quickly. Great customer service.

Kenny B. 11/30/2012


(Customer response to a post sale Thank You note) I feel compelled to answer this short email you sent me. I don’t really think you know what you have done here. No one write emails like this anymore but you have and I want you to know how much it pleases me that you took the time to write a short note. It may be old fashioned but very much appreciated. Thank you for doing something above what you had to do. In my 18 years of trading this is unheard of. Thanks Erich, your the kind of guy I call a friend.

Michael I. - Philadelphia, PA11/13/2012


I purchased several indicators from Indicator Warehouse. The Prices are great (I got a discount for buying several indicators). Customer service is very knowledgeable and responded to all requests very quickly. I highly recommend Indicator Warehouse.

Pedro C. - Mem Martins, Portugal11/06/2012


The Service was excellent and fast. Everything worked great.

Petr T. - Czech Republic10/15/2012


I like that Indicator Warehouse takes customer support personally.

Frank W. - Fleetwood, Nr Blackpool, Lancashire UK10/07/2014

Automated money management

I liked this much improved version of the Trade Manager. I could place an order and simply trade a price I wanted and then Submit the order. I liked the speed of its execution in and out of a trade, the simplicity and its speed of setting up a Strategy, the Options of Soft and Hard setups, the speed of the Hard entry and the way it places your Price Targets all with a click of a button T1 10 and T2 20 complete with the number of Contracts all in, all out perfect. I liked the BUY BID then going to Break Even, still increasing the bank balance, the idea of OCO (One Cancels Other) that’s a nice touch. Also liked REVERS / CLOSE button and the nice neutral colors of the Trade Manager and using the ATR as my trailing stop because eventually it catches-up with price. This new version is something else, and the problem it solves for me was getting closer to price and making things easier for me to protect my account.

R. Richardson - Sacramento, CA09/27/2012


Your technical assistant was amazing. He updated my trading platform and installed the indicators in minutes. Then he educated me on NinjaTrader and helped me set up my workspace. Being new to NinjaTrader I was having trouble setting up some of my own custom indicators. Not only did he set them up in Market Analytics he also put them on their own chart and I can now track historical movements of these indicators. I didn’t even buy them from Indicator Warehouse. Incredible! I learned more about NinjaTrader in that one session than I did in all the webinars I attended combined. Worth every penny and more. I am glad I made the decision to buy from Indicator Warehouse and have one of your professionals install the software. I will highly recommend Indicator Warehouse to my fellow traders. Thanks again for the great service.

Richard M. - Bessemer, AL.09/21/2012


I contacted your support person, Ben, and he helped me get my indicator installed, and he then went through the program explaining how to effectively use it. His teaching was brilliant! Buyers who do not use this support service are short changing themselves. I am so impressed with Ben. I also traded with the indicator the past two trading days. I had 18 successful trades and 3 losing trades. It is a great product. Trading 1 contract, my net was $705. My largest loss was 4 ticks. This is a great program. Thanks.

Ron K. - Chicago, IL09/07/2012


I appreciate your work, helping us get some tools to help our trading at a very reasonable cost

T. Carroll - Brisbane, Australia08/17/2012

Automated money management

Many thanks for this update Erich. I’ve got Trade Manager ‘humming’ now – it truly is a wonderful indicator.

Frank Y. - University Place, WA08/08/2014

Best trading platform

I just wanted to send my thanks to you and your staff for the quick response and excellent service level on my Indicator Warehouse software packages. I have been trading now for 15 years, utilizing technical indicators to make profitable trades. In my opinion, your company provides some of the best software indicator packages at a very competitive price. I personally think your service is invaluable to any “serious trader” who wants to be profitable in today’s volatile market place. Thanks again for your support!

Tere 07/22/2012


Erich is an excellent person… a beautiful person. Thank you!

ZO 07/14/2012


Your Renko bars are terrific…Waow…Never saw something clean and easy to understand and use… Just Terrific! ZO

Bruce M. - Kansas07/07/2012


Nice to see someone keep their word… People like you will be rewarded with increased success.

D. McCall - Franklin Park, NJ06/17/2012

Best trading platform

Indicator Warehouse definitely has the best customer service around and a very knowledgeable staff. Your trainer is awesome. In just one week the indicator has turned my trading completely around. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Hidayath 05/28/2012


I could not be more pleased with quick and fantastic service you provided. The quality of your products is top-notch, and you are very attentive to customer needs. It is like a heart-warming gift to have a valuable company like yours. Many thanks for your caring support.

Jack R. - Washington, D.C.05/17/2012

Best trading platform

The best thing, other than the indicators, about Indicator Warehouse is their customer service. They are extremely easy to work with and their staff is extremely tentative to your needs–they genuinely care about their customers. That’s why I will continue to do business with them.

Kevin V. 04/15/2012


Thank you Erich. Dealing with you and Indicator Warehouse  has been a refreshing change from the mainstream.

Khalid M - Dubai, UAE.03/23/2012

Best trading platform

Indicator Warehouse has been very successful at creating my custom indicator. I especially appreciate their patience in dealing with new traders with no coding background. Their work has always been precise and timely. I would definitely recommend Indicator Warehouse to other users. 

Magnus T. - Minnesota03/15/2012

Thank you for the exceptional service I received from you during and after my purchase of your system. The friendly and professional treatment I received with the installation of the indicators was exceptional! – Thanks again.

Steve V. - Palm Harbor, FL03/08/2012

Best trading platform

Just the indicator I needed, at a fair price with great service. What’s not to like!

Roy B. 02/15/2016

Best trading platform

Last Friday, Erich gave me the best tutorial I have ever had. He was extremely competent and impressive and showed me so much about the System that I never would have been able to figure out on my own. Your company has been excellent in the way I have been treated as a customer; and I want you all to know that! Have a great day and week ahead.