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successful day trader

8 Tools to Make You a Successful Day Trader

Techniques and Methods of a Successful Day Trader Most successful day traders share common personality traits and behaviors to achieve their personal and professional goals. While many a successful day trader performs their trading activity from the comfort of their home,… + More

March 1, 2024

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Position Sizing Trading Style

Position Sizing – The Greatest Secret to Trading Success

The greatest secret to trading or investing success is in your Position Sizing. It’s a secret because very few people understand and even fewer people know how to use it. Stick with me… because a the end of this post… + More

February 27, 2024

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stop loss

Everything you need to know about Using a Stop Loss

Today’s topic is one of the most important issues we deal with as traders:  The Stop Loss.  A stop loss is an order we place in the market after we decide where our entry should be.  It essentially closes our… + More

February 24, 2024

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Mathew McConaughey on Trading and Money Management

It’s funny how when you’re a trader you find trading related tidbits popping up everywhere, sometimes in the most unusual places. The other day my wife was watching a television interview with Matthew McConaughey, the actor. McConaughey was promoting his… + More

February 21, 2024

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The World's Best NinjaTrader Trading Indicator

The World’s Best Trading Indicator

Did you know there is an incredible trading indicator out there that will help you significantly improve your trading? One that will help you be more successful. One that will give you consistent results and help you “pull the trigger”… + More

February 18, 2024

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Scalping System

Scalping System Q & A

Day trading is often referred to as “scalping.”  Recently Erich Senft was asked to answer a group of questions that traders or investors might ask as it pertains to using a scalping system.  Here are his answers… Question:  What part… + More

February 15, 2024

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How to Succeed at Trading the Emini S&P500… Sort of

An “e-mini” is an electronically traded futures contract that represents a portion of a standard futures contract. As futures contracts, the e-minis constitute an agreement to buy or sell the cash value of the underlying index at a specified future… + More

February 12, 2024

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new futures market

Dealing with Despicable Markets

Whenever the market moves into an inactive state, and we have a few rough days, I get flooded with a range of emails.  Some people start doubting their system(s), while others begin to question the specific instruments(s) they’ve been trading.  The emails that touch… + More

February 9, 2024

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Trading Goals

Discover the Power of Setting Trading Goals

Trading Goals are Important Everyone knows goals are important. Most of us have set goals for our personal life.  It should be no different for our Trading Life as well. Personal goals may include losing some weight, exercising more, quitting… + More

February 6, 2024

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Trading Psychology

Learn to Biohack Your Trading Brain

Warning: This post is going to be interactive. Trading Psychology Biohacking Biohackers like trading psychologist Richard Friesen believe in experience-based learning. Or in plainer terms – they like to touch things. Rich always says to me,“If you don’t try it,… + More

February 3, 2024

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