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July 6, 2024

Indicator Warehouse

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Fake Testimonials at Indicator Warehouse?

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Someone emailed me this past week accusing Indicator Warehouse of having fake testimonials! Yikes!

His reasoning was because there were “too many good testimonials”. I felt like we were being punished for doing a great job.  How crazy is that?

Nonetheless, I want to address the issue in case you have any doubts yourself.

I am a huge believer in “old school” customer service.  It’s something that, sadly, is getting harder and harder to find.  An important part of delivering quality support is asking – “how are we doing?”

After you become a customer at Indicator Warehouse, I like to periodically “check-in” and see how things are going. So don’t be surprised if you get a friendly email that essentially says, “Hi. Are we doing a good job? Please let us know how we can help.” All you have to do is hit reply and let us know if there is anything we can do better. It’s kind of like the waiter in a restaurant coming back to your table, “Is everything alright here?”  And just like a restaurant, it’s how we ensure top service, which is the reason so many testimonials gush exactly that point.

I may also ask you what it’s like to do business with us and if you wouldn’t mind writing a few words that we could add to our testimonial page.  Some people write about how over-delivered on our customer service, or what a fantastic team we have, or how much they love the training, trading room, and trading software.

Indicator Warehouse Review

We also have a survey that goes out to system owners that ask you to give us feedback.  We want to know what you love about our trading solutions so that those features remain and we want to know what we can improve or add to the system.

Sometimes people gush in the IndicatorWarehouse reviews, and we only ask their permission (required by law) to publish their words.  We also ask them to give us a picture of themselves and the city, state, and country where they live.

As an Indicator Warehouse system owner, you will experience this!  Is that not proof that the testimonials are real?

I hope so because I want you to know and understand the most important point we are trying to make by publishing these Indicator Warehouse reviews.

Here it is…

If you read through those testimonials, you’ll see many traders who have been around the block.  Many of the traders who buy our systems have been trading for five years or more.  When they start using our trading tools they are blown away by how much easier it is to trade with the software than what they had been doing before.

Sure, we tell you that in our emails and our promotion pages. But, I understand how that’s met with some prudent skepticism.

Erich, who helped build the Diversified Trading System (DTS), was blown away by the final product, so much so that he quit everything else he was doing and became a strategic partner of Indicator Warehouse as well as a teacher and trade room moderator.  

But, it does not stop there.  We’ve also been joined by a trading consultant focused on our Spanish speaking traders.

I receive at least one email a week from a seasoned trader telling me they’re having success from using our trading software like they have never experienced before.  I guess I can’t expect you to believe that … it’s just me saying it, but the testimonials certainly back up the claim!

I invite you to see for yourself in our Trade Room.  Click HERE to Register. 

July 6, 2024

Indicator Warehouse

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