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Geiger Counter

Know when the market territory is safe to enter and when it’s time to take cover from the “Heat.”

The Geiger Counter was designed to enable you to easily add Buying and Selling Pressure analysis and Time and Sales data to any chart.  With this indicator you can see the Pace of the Tape and Order Flow Analytics in an easy to understand Tape Speed Monitor format that allows you to quickly Read the Tape.

Use the Geiger Counter’s rate intensity histogram to determine reversal points.  A large block of spikes at a fast rate shows either buyers or sellers hitting their stops/removing their position. 

-The white line on the histogram and needle shows a running moving average of the buyers vs sellers.  A rise/fall cross zero, above/below zero indicates if the Buyers or Sellers are in control.  

Additionally, the Geiger Counter gauge is an instantaneous indicator of order flow shift.

Advantages of the Geiger Counter:

  • Detect potential reversal points with increase of trade rate/intensity
  • Determine whether buyers/sellers are in control, and when control is shifting.
  • Pinpoint when to enter/exit your positions based on order flow shift.

The horizontal display of the tool summarizes bid/ask time and sales data. This is trades at bid or ask and the net calculation. Moving averages are used to more readily spot trends.

The net calculation is particularly useful when looking for upward or downward slope – since it shows the pressure moving in the opposite direction from where it was. For example, there is a consistent shift in bid vs. ask pressure at each sample.

Finally, the rate at which this display scrolls to the left is based on the time between each trade coming in. This directly shows how active the market is at any given time.

The circular gauge display references inside bid and ask numbers.

The trend indication element is a weighted look at all the individual indicators combined. It is useful to identify short-term trends. For example on a Mean Renko chart, the Geiger Counter is very good at identifying trend change prior to a reversal shown in the bars.

Important Design Notes:

1. Geiger Counter only works with data feeds delivering bid/ask VOLUME data.  Typically, this means Futures, Stocks/Equities, FX Futures and some Spot Forex.  Please check with your data provider.

2. If you use NinjaTrader’s Market Replay with the Geiger Counter, it will get out of sync if you fast forward. Due to the precision accuracy of this trading tool, time samples must be done using the real clock.

If you do not receive your Download Instructions email after purchasing, please be sure to double check your spam folder, and also add to your safe senders list.

You will need 1 license per trading computer. Example: If you want to install on a desktop, laptop, and a work computer, you will need a license for 3 computers. Each license comes at a discount.

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