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Chart Background Color Session Times

The Alarm Clock of Day Trading Indicators

Remind yourself when to be In and when to stay Out.

Color Session Times saves you from having to be constantly calculating if you are within a given favorite trading period. An audio alert will tell you when your favorite times to trade start and end. This will also be shown visibly on your Ninja Trader platform screen. You can configure three different time periods. The Time Zone Indicator will immediately remind you of your specific strategy during that time of the day.

  • This indicator colors the chart background a specific color between the specified times.
  • This is handy when you want to highlight certain times of the trading day (i.e. News events, Lunch hour, etc.).
  • You can have multiple times colored at the same time, and all different colors. It is granular down to the minute, and colors can be user selected.
  • Audible alerts at the start and end of a defined session.
  • Set times and colors for three distinct time periods.
  • Control the opacity of color on the chart.

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You will need 1 license per trading computer. Example: If you want to install on a desktop, laptop, and a work computer, you will need a license for 3 computers. Each license comes at a discount.

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