I recently received an inquiry from a European prospective customer about our Diversified Trading System (DTS).  I mention he was European because Europeans tend to ask more pre-purchase questions than those of us living on the other side of the “pond.”  I recognize it’s a cultural thing, and frankly, I love it!
I would much rather acquire a fully informed customer, than a shoot from the hip, high risk “gambler” trader.  The Indicator Warehouse clients who have done thorough due diligence are ones that appreciate the unique products and services Indicator Warehouse has to offer and are the ones more likely to succeed.
In my humble opinion, offering great trading software is the price of admission just for being a Trading Software Vendor. It’s having quality people on the team that set a company apart. 
Here is our question/answer exchange:
I am little confused by all the choices.Question for Trading Software Vendor
“I understand your situation. The downside of having some many useful products is that it can be overwhelming without a little help.  I am happy to address any questions and guide you in make the best decision for your trading needs.”
I have a MacBook retina / parallels / Win 7 – order my laptop and data transfer will be OK?
“This is not an issue.  The people at NinjaTrader can help you get all setup on your Mac.”
In DTS, is the extra software bonus only Flight Path?
“No… DTS bonus software includes the Day Ranger, OmniTimer, and Flight Path. Note: Flight was designed to run specifically with DTS.”
In DTS swing, scalp, and trend all work on separate charts?
“Yes, the Diversified Trading System (DTS) was designed to run on three charts, one for each system (scalp, swing, trend).  Note: Many people put all three charts on one screen. All three on one chart is the setup Erich uses in the trade room.” 
Confused about day tradingHow does the Free installation of all the software work?
“During this promotion, you can get free installation with either system.  After you complete your purchase, you will be sent a link to go online and reserve a time for your remote installation.”
Can payment can be made by bank transfer?
“Yes, we can send your wire transfer instructions.”
Can I do the do the “Trial as you Go” 3 payment plan?
“You are welcome to pay over time.  However, that option does not come with any discounts.”
Is there a deadline for returning the software?
“We do not accept returns.  However, the payment plan works like this:  You get to use the software and get full access to everything, including the trading room and video training immediately. Once your payment plan is complete, you own the software for life, and there are no more payments – upgrades to the software you own are free.  Your First payment entitles you to full access to software, training materials, trade room, user groups, support, etc., If you cancel 2nd. or 3rd. payment, your licenses are de-activated., After final (3rd. payment), you own lifetime licenses to software, training, and trade room.”
I am worried because I have tested other “super-programs” before and they were useless for me.
“I completely understand where you are coming from.  Most of the people we work with nowadays are either on their last leg or have been at it for 2 -5 years and already dropped 10-20K on trading tools and education.  Many of them don’t feel any further ahead because their results don’t reflect what they have spent! Solution-Key2
I always recommend to folks who’ve spent a lot of money in the past not to look at their experience in a negative light because negative thoughts will impact your trading at a psychological level.  Instead, look at it as your “educational investment” because even though you may not yet have profited as much as you like, the fact is, you have under your belt some of the most valuable lessons.
From my experience of speaking with hundreds of traders every year, the most valuable lesson is the acceptance that there is no ‘magic system.’  There are some good teachers – Erich in our trading room is one of the best.  And there are useful tools that give you clarity so you can make solid decisions quickly when the heat is on. In addition, DTS owners receive (at zero extra cost) excellent education (extensive video training library) and on-going support (free trade room) and community (private owner only user groups).”
I don’t always understand fast speech – are there instructions in pdf?
“Not a problem.  All of our systems come with user manuals, AND we have a library of training videos that you can watch at your pace.  You can see examples of some of our training here.”