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April 15, 2014

Indicator Warehouse

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Futures Profit Run 2014 with Erich Senft – Day 2

Day Trading Profit Run 2014

Profit Fun April 15, 2014

An incredible roller-coaster ride in the markets today. The markets moved much further than I think anyone could have anticipated today. The morning was a full press Bear session and the afternoon session reversed it all as the Bulls mounted an equally strong attack.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a day with such pronounced swings and reversals! Today could easily have been a four figure day, but I got stuck in Teaching Mode for a while and missed a lot of good opportunities. The $390 profit on the day was a fraction of what it could have been. My bad.

Results for the day:

Bought YM 6-14 1@16138
Sold YM 6-14 1@16197
Trade Profit $295

Sold YM 6-14 1@16088
Bought YM 6-14 1@16088
Trade Profit $0

Sold NQ 6-14 1@3453.25
Bought NQ 6-14 1@3453.00
Trade Profit $5

Sold YM 6-14 1@16052
Bought YM 6-14 1@16065
Trade Loss $65

Bought ZS 5-14 1@1492 1/2
Sold ZS 5-14 1@1497 1/2
Trade Profit $250

Bought YM 6-14 1@16092
Sold YM 6-14 1@16103
Trade Profit $55

Sold YM 6-14 1@16053
Bought YM 6-14 1@16083
Trade Loss $150

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April 15, 2014

Indicator Warehouse

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