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The Fanned Multiple Moving Average day trading indicator uses two sets of moving averages (long and short term) to calculate the probability of trend development, change, and direction. The FMMA reveals the nature of the trend and the trend changes which often reveals the starting point of a breakout.

This indicator is based on Darryl Guppy’s GMMA (Guppy Multiple Moving Average). However, the FMMA takes it to the next level with highly accurate moving average lines that change color according to the direction of the trend.

Unlike the standard GMMA, our indicator allows you change the moving averages periods and choose from 9 types of moving averages including, but not limited to SMA, EMA, HMA, and LinReg. The moving averages are grouped into Long Term and Short Term lines, so you can even have different Moving Averages groups in the same indicator. This enables you to adapt this fan tailed indicator to different trading styles, charts types, and time periods.

NOTE: The indicator installs with the standard parameters found in the GMMA.

Key Features

  • Enables effective analysis of the trend environment
  • Improves selection of the appropriate trading tactics
  • Better understanding of trend strength
  • Effective evaluation of unusual price movements, such as dips and spikes
  • Effective understanding of trading activity and behavior

Trend Coloring can be changed according to the following:

  • Long Down Color
  • Long Up Color
  • Short Down Color
  • Short Up Color
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