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October 6, 2011

Erich Senft

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New Support and Resistance Lines Service

Erich Senft, Indicator Warehouse’s lead trading coach, is also a Support and Resistance trading expert.

Last week the market was crazy… or was it? The big moves and bounces weren’t much of a surprise to Erich.

Traders new to the “game” often ask is there a real way to get an “edge” in the markets on a daily basis.

There is…

You see, top-level traders go into every trade with the odds stacked in their favor.  And, when the odds are on your side, turning a consistent profit is that much easier.

So what puts the odds in your favor?

Knowing where the market is most likely to turn. Do you think knowing in advance the location of the best trading opportunities might make the job a little easier?

You bet it would!

Check out –> the Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite

Imagine knowing the highest probability support and resistance zones in advance.  Every time you place a trade you could be fairly confident it would make you money.

It‘s almost like trading with a crystal ball.

Professional traders rely on support and resistance zones to make money every day from the markets. But accurately identifying the most important support and resistance lines can take years of study and practice, unless… you let our new Support and Resistance Lines service do all the hard work for you.

Take advantage of Erich’s extensive experience and expertise and see for yourself how useful the Support and Resistance Lines service can be.

Support and Resistance for NinjaTrader

October 6, 2011

Erich Senft

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