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November 4, 2011

Erich Senft

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Let’s face the facts about trading…

My guess is you are probably right on 50% or more of your trades and you are still losing Money!

If making money in trading was just matter of finding a system with a high percentage of winning trades, then How come most traders are still losing money every month?

I’ll give you a hint … “It doesn’t matter how often you are right or wrong, it only matters how much you make when you are right, versus how much you lose when you are wrong.”

for the Webinar this Thursday and learn why…

Trading profitably has NOTHING to do with having more winning trades than losing trades…

In fact, I’m going to show you how to make money with a system that wins less than 50% of the time!

I’ll show you a complete “No BS” approach to trade the markets profitably… all you have to do is wait for the system to find the setups and alert you.

This approach is used by almost all of the consistently profitable traders … who you NEVER hear about.

I will show you how to Stop Losing Money Because of your Emotions! There’s almost “no thinking” required… therefore you should never lose money again because your emotions get in the way!

Trading profitably is ALL about doing 2 things correctly everyday:

1. Managing your RISK

2. Managing your Position

If you can follow those these two rules, you can have a very low “winning rate”… AND still make money consistently… which is what real profitable day trading is all about!


My very best to you and I look forward to seeing you on the webinar,

November 4, 2011

Erich Senft

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