Indicator Warehouse Values

Our overriding commitment is to help traders do their best in retail and professional environments. Respect for capital preservation, confidentiality, and consistent profitability underpins our culture, brand, and behaviors. So for us here at the Indicator Warehouse, customers come first.

Independence means everything to us and is vital for our products and services to be trusted. Our second value states that trading knowledge should be independent and unbiased.

We also believe that high-quality technology and support drive better outcomes for customers. Where real evidence is not available, we strive to provide the very best trading wisdom. We firmly believe that service matters.

We encourage open debate, comment, criticism, and correction. We declare our interests and the interests of those who work with us. We will explain our decisions. Therefore, our fourth value states that being transparent and open creates trust.

We value and listen to the individuals and teams around the world who have chosen to work with us. We strive to create the right culture for ideas to flourish, and we are committed to supporting staff development and rewarding success. We take pride in our people. We only make products and services of which we are proud. Here at the Indicator Warehouse, we say, do it well or not at all.

Our best means of ensuring excellence is to put customers at the heart of what we do. Our clients are experts in their experiences. Their participation in the development of our products and services adds richness, relevance, and longevity. Therefore, what we do is better if customers are involved. If we understand the needs of our customers and our products and services are easy to apply in practice, then we are more likely to succeed in our mission.

Serving our customers to the best of our ability helps to improve the general trading community. We know our mission is not easy, and it is full of challenges. We encourage our staff and our customers to challenge the status quo, speak out against wrongdoing, and campaign for change. So finally our last value is integrity.