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November 10, 2023

Indicator Warehouse

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Using Multiple Day Trading Systems

The Power of Diversified Trading Systems

Diversified Trading SystemsI get these types of calls all the time. A prospective new customer has been trying to trade for 2 -5 years. They have already dropped 10-20K into books, gurus, and trade room.  And, for all their efforts, many of them don’t feel any further than when they started.  

Common issues are – trying to trade with someone else’s methods, attempting to trade using a sophisticated strategy, searching for the perfect trade and getting frustrated and trading when they shouldn’t. 

I always recommend to folks who’ve spent a lot of money in the past not to look at their experience in a negative light because negative thoughts will impact a person at a deep psychological level.  Instead, look at it as an “educational investment”. Even though they may not yet have profited as much as they like, the fact is, they have under their belt some of the most valuable lessons.
From my experience of speaking with hundreds of traders every year, the most valuable lesson is the acceptance that there is no ‘magic system.’  There are some good teachers – Erich in our trading room is one of the best.  And there are useful tools that give you clarity so you can make solid trading decisions quickly when the heat is on.

Diversified Trading Systems as an Edge

When we designed the Diversified Trading System (DTS), we took all this into account and designed it to make it easier to trade with real results and easier for anyone to find the trading ‘zone’ that works best for their temperament, experience, and budget.  Given what customers had said since 2012 when we first released DTS, we have succeeded. 
DTS owners tell me that their success using our trading solution is more than just about software.  What set Indicator Warehouse above most others is that our customer do get “Everything to Succeed at Day Trading… All Under ONE Roof!” In addition to expertly designed software, our system owners also receive, at zero extra cost, excellent trading education, access to an extensive video training library, on-going trading support via free trade room, and an active user community.
Often, new prospective customers think all they need is the Hawk Micro Scalper, DTS’ short-term trading tool.  The Hawk is one of the top scalping tools available on the market, but it’s only one-third of the unique signal generation approach that makes DTS such an effective trading solution.

The problem with one size fits all day trading systems is that they just don’t work. 

Why is that? 

Well, as we all know market conditions vary from day to day; some days will be ideal for swing trading, some for scalping, and some for trend trading.  There is NO WAY you can make a single system work for all market conditions unless you want to start forcing trades of course or sometimes waiting for hours at a time – and we all know how that usually works out.  

I found this video we did in the past that sums up why and how diversified trading signals make day trading easy.

Bottom line – our day trading systems are not magical. The reason our trading systems are so popular is that they are by design clean and easy to read, we have stellar video & live training, we provide on-going support via a free trade room, and we have an established friendly and supportive trading community.

See the Diversified Trading System (DTS) in action in our Trade Room.  Click HERE to Register.

November 10, 2023

Indicator Warehouse

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