"I am amazed by how simple you have made DTS to use and understand." - Brian Basaraba

We Take Trading Results Seriously!

See our trading room results below and the links to all the videos, showing the trades taken, managed, and exited.

We’ve been keeping careful records of our trading room moderator’s results since 2012.  We agree with the CFTC that you should be very skeptical of any published results unless there’s a way to verify the trades were actually taken.  At Indicator Warehouse, we video every trading session and make these public so you can see for yourself the trades being taken, managed, and exited.  Below each graph there’s a link to the pages with the trade room videos.

We recommend you read the CFTC Advisory Warning before purchasing a trading system.  In our quest to create the best choice for a Complete NinjaTrader Day Trading System, we used the CFTC publication to help guide and design the Diversified Trading System (DTS) and the Raptor Trading System


Erich Senft Day Trading Results

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Day Trading Results Jan 2013


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Spring Profit Run Results - Part 1


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Day Trading Results May 2013

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Day Trading Results - Profit Run Results 2014

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See What DTS Owners Say!

“DTS is colour coded for easy visual identification, especially for the beginner. I personally love trading all three birds at the same time! It allows me to trade any market condition. The support system at IW is great: Erich, Michael, Stephanie and the rest, of course not to forget “Wise Guy” Ben who can sort out any problem you might have with the software. DTS does all the behind the scene calculations and gives you the heads-up to get ready for the trade, as well as the exact entries to take. It’s a one package deal! One price and you have all you need to trade any market condition. With the Trade Manager there is no more need to work out how many contracts I need to take or what is my allocated risk on any particular trade. It does it all for you! I think the Trade Manager is the best part of my whole DTS package. It gave me the confidence to take the trade setup as and when it presented itself. I must say without a doubt that “DTS” as a package, stands head and shoulders above all of its competitors. I have not come across any trading software package that offers the same degree of simplicity, support, and just all round accuracy when it comes to executing a trade! Thanks to all concerned with this great trading platform.”
S. Glendinning - Cape Town, South Africa
“The Indicator Warehouse team has hit a bases loaded grand slam with DTS. I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the Falcon and the Eagle. I’ve seen very nice success in the short time I’ve been working with each module i.e. the Falcon for day trading and the Eagle for holding for longer periods. I especially like the fact that each module is geared to what type of trader the client is as opposed to one size fits all. The directions are very easy to follow for the set up and the videos are very clear and easy to understand. I must also compliment IW on the support that is given for questions and issues that may occur for the client as well as the trading rooms that are available to watch trades set up in real time and be able to ask questions. It is apparent to me that IW is very committed to their clients becoming successful traders.”
Shelli S. - Sarasota, FL.
“My trading history is over 12 years from utter beginner to now a seasoned trader – with some flaws. My journey to Indicator Warehouse (IW) has been long and arduous – but a great learning experience.  I was recommended to IW by a close colleague and I must say it has been a solid recommendation.  I knew what I was looking for from IW – but put them through their paces of “selling me” a product/s.  I have taken into my suite of tools DTS Falcon and Trade Manager.  I expect great things from both these tools. During the sales pitch, I was (from long experience) waiting for the hyperbole to kick in (“This is the greatest indicator ever supplied – it’s worth Millions $$”), you know the usual stuff.  Instead I got a firm but low key message of its capabilities, some pertinent demonstrated facts and figures and some provable examples of Falcon in action. Erich Senft treated me with respect and courtesy, he answered every question without hesitation and he held the company line when I pushed for things I didn’t really expect to get.  Erich is a professional with whom I hope to continue a relationship with over the years. As for the rest of the IW team, Ben Letto (Support) exhibits the same professional and friendly service.  I get a good sense that this group of people (IW) have a common approach to doing business and a calculated style of imparting the true value of their services. Many thanks for the truly professional approach you are taking towards me as one of your clients.

UPDATE: 3-26-2014

The signal generation of the DTS (Falcon) is superb, and this linked with the MeanRenko bars provides the most visually stable platform I have used in my trading career. The stop strategies and the profit targets seem to have been well thought out. I have found these strategies to be amongst the most consistent I have ever used.  All the staff (Erich, Ben, Adam and to a lesser extent Michael and Omar) are the most professional providers within this industry grouping. They are courteous, helpful and very knowledgeable and they take time to explain things about the DTS system with the utmost care. Therefore all together these points make my recommendation of DTS very very valuable to me. I had begun to believe that all systems had major inherent flaws and that trading was to a large extent a lucky dip. But with DTS (Falcon) I have now reached a level of consistency that now leads me to think that luck – although a factor in trading is not that important – I think the DTS system and Erich’s teachings on Profit Management are critical to my success as a trader. Consistency is the major problem that DTS has helped me overcome. With this consistency my trading account is starting to show finally some positive signs. Previously it was a more down than up proposition. I had almost lost FAITH in my abilities to make a living from trading. Now I believe that (with the help of DTS) trading can be my life’s work.”

P. Mulhall - Perth, Western Australia

“I just purchased 2 birds, the trade manager, and 2 of the trading system boosters. I am an ER physician and PhD so I am used to doing research.  I studied multiple systems that were available.  I eliminated the $1000 to $3 million in 1 month systems, the ultra complex chart systems, the systems that depended on a trading room, e-mail, or instant message to tell you when to enter/leave a trade, and the ones that were not based on real trades.  I checked out reviews from other sites and that left only a few systems.  In my opinion, yours is the best.  Then you impressed me even more by taking an hour of your time, not even knowing if I was going to buy anything, explaining each bird with its strengths and weaknesses.  The trade manager looks to be very helpful to me as I like to trade at work but I sometimes have to leave my office quickly and not return for hours.  I once found I had lost $20,000 by leaving a trade on and do not want to repeat that. Thanks for the great experience so far.  From other reviews I only expect it to get better.

UPDATE: 3-26-2014

Since my previous review I have proceeded to add the third bird and a couple more boosters.  I have Sim traded for a month. I have back tested and maximized profit settings on 600 trades(ProfitFinder was invaluable for this).  I have availed myself with the ongoing free trading rooms and  followed knowledgeable traders who can teach. I started very small and I am now consistently profitable(as Erich says: “Don’t be in a hurry to lose money.” and “If you can consistently take 2 points a day out of the E-mini when you build up your account to trading 25 contracts per day you have $500,000 a year income.”).  I’m 64 and retiring soon and this has been just a delight: no more nights, weekends, or holidays.

Phil P, M.D. - Branson, MO

“I have traded for some time now and dealt with many, some promising me the ‘Holy Grail’, it never happened.  I.W. for me have been a blessing when it comes to trading, Profit Finder is without exception the best Tool I possess, with this tool I have gone over my past ’Back Testing Results’, it’s quite remarkable how with the tweaks that one can do, I have been able to improve the Net Profit potential nearly threefold and increase the number of winning trades from 55% to 72%, I just want to ‘Scream’ out to my fellow traders “Buy, Buy, Buy right now, you will not regret it”, I’m a Scalper, DTS gives me freedom, I can do other things and listen, I can glance at my Chart and my indicators will tell me if I have a trade, I chase only one Rabbit (One Instrument) and trade no more than 4 trades in anyone day, win or lose.  Adam, I thank you and your professional team for the Service I have been given, I look forward to working with the team, please use the information I have given in whatever way you wish, I know that humanity will prevail in its dealings.”
Alex G. - Queensland, Australia
“Your DTS system is tremendous! Like many skeptical fellow traders I had initially purchased one bird alone. In my case I chose to go solo with the Falcon. Though the Falcon will produce profitable swing trades it became quite obvious I was missing out on the overall picture or market direction. Guess I can best describe it like driving a car and looking only several feet instead of several yards ahead. As a result, I was getting out of trades far sooner than I should have. That’s when I decided to purchase the Eagle. Immediately, the two birds began generating trades which allowed me to take several more ticks in profit than I would have with one bird alone. That’s when I got that ah-ha moment! I had come to realize that I needed the Hawk to catch those shorter swing trades I would otherwise have missed with the Falcon and Eagle alone.

Overall, not only is the IW Diversified Trading System a solid performer but the investment in all three birds has already paid off in a just a few short weeks. I hesitated at first, but after many hours of trading with one bird alone, I got to find out for myself the very same thing that Erich Senft and others had all along suggested. That the DTS system works best when you have all three birds hunting together. So now I can only wonder about how much more profit had I left on the table.

I tend to counter swing trade and jokingly refer to it as the lizard Falcon trade. Spend sometime with Erich in the DTS TV live room and you will see what I mean.

Also, the IW support team just plain rocks! Erich is super helpful in getting you started in the right direction. The training staff too are a great bunch and highly knowledgeable professional traders.

Lastly. Can’t forget to mention Ben Letto. He’s the guy that turns the switch ON so your indicators work and sends you the links where to download your product. He’s great at troubleshooting problems you may encounter. Just a bunch of good and wonderful people to work with.

Thank you Adam Halpern for creating such a wonderful and super simple trading system.”

Tony Lopez - Clifton, NJ
“I’m writing this review to any traders that are fairly new to trading, and have been looking  for a trading system. I personally have been struggling for at least 2 to 3 years with trying to find a complete trading system  THAT WORKS. This is a very difficult and and challenging problem, it is right up there with trading itself. I have spent a good size  fortune and time on investing in different systems, and I was a very big skeptic. The different systems I tried either didn’t work , or did not work for me, or both. The DTS trading system and the trade manager supplied by Indicator Warehouse is a very complete, and an easy to use system. A lot of study, time and technical Know how has been brought into this system. Also there are three different options with in the system to help you with your trading style, be it scalping, swing or trend or longer term moves, so this is where some of the dynamic qualities start to really perform. I highly recommend this system. As I said, I was a very big skeptic. If their was one thing that I could recommend at the same level as the DTS system, I would very strongly recommend the two month trading course with Erich. When it is available. This is a man who knows the system and the futures markets very well. And can show you how to trade with the system. Also he will show you the markets, and the trading systems limitations. The last 4 to 5 weeks I traded live as my confidence grew, and was very profitable for once. And I suppose this is where you could use an old saying, if you want to get good at anything….. copy a master. If you have tried some or even one other system and had no luck, this is worth a try. All most of us want to see when we purchase something is, are we receiving value for our hard earned money? All I can say is, I DID. I would just like to take the time to say thank you to Ben, Adam and Erich for your help and support. Warm regards.”
S. Barnes - Valemount, Canada
“I have been trading for about 6 years now, and have held my own, but you cannot make a living from taking trades in a trading room forever.  I have just bought the Hawk, Trade Manager, and the Profit Finder a week ago. I got interested from watching the seminar on the Profit finder. You get too scared to go on your own. The combination of the three is the most well set up system that I have ever seen. They are a real confidence booster. I have been able to test and fine tune the markets I want to be in. The ability to test so many combinations so quickly is something I never knew existed, but I now do.  The Trade manager!!! What can i say! The ability to know that a trade is in my acceptable risk is brilliant! It wont let me take a trade that is more risk than I want. This is what has held me back for soo long. The video, The secrets of Account Protection and Growth is the missing link for me. I now see that is where I have been going wrong. Well done.”
B. Christie - Brisbane, Australia
“What a great day on the Hawk! After investing a great deal of time and money in various systems and indicators, I have learned that they are only as good as the people supporting the product. Everyone at IW has been great! The Hawk has performed better that expected and much of that has been due to the training and support I have received. Keep up the great work!”
L. Rice - Missouri City, TX
“I would like to take this opportunity to say Omar Eltoukhy is an asset to your company!! This man has just got up in the early hours to show me how the DTS Falcon works. We have just spent over two hours on the London open on the relevant pairs I like trading. DTS generated signals in places I would never get with my trading method.”
M. Aston – Cornwall, United Kingdom
“I purchased the Scalp Trader, downloaded it and, without much preparation, I have made yesterday in sim $429 trading CL for 2 hours. I am very impressed and congratulate you and your team for having developed such a powerful system. The Trade Manager on top is an outstanding tool. I am looking forward to purchase the other two birds in the near future.”
P. Ballesteros – Madrid, Spain
“The Mean Renko Bars removes choppiness and make trading easier.  The entry signals are clearly defined and I do not have to guess about entry.  Excellent money management – I can properly define my risk without leaving the chart.  I’m still in the learning process, but I love that proper position sizing and risks are automatically calculated before executing the trade so I can make money without blowing out my account.”
W. Benjamin
“The DTS signals are easy to understand, taking out the guesswork, so I know when to enter a trade and it helps you leverage your account to your maximum benefit.  Trade Manager has great money management features and overall my anxiety has decreased.”
L. MacDonald, Gardner, MA, USA
“DTS has easy to interpret charts (iw Renko Bars), easy to download and manipulate settings, and audible alerts to upcoming trades.  It saves me a lot of time analyzing charts prior to trading. I can pretty much jump right in.  DTS allows me a different (increased) confidence that I didn’t have before. I can identify set ups before they happen and not during.”
J. Michaels, Joe, Cleveland. OH
“I was laid off in October 2012 and decided to try trading stocks to replace the paycheck since I was 60 years old and the chances of finding a new engineering manager job was pretty slim in this economy. At first I tried trading stocks by viewing the stock charts. That didn’t work well so I then studied stock indicators and tried to trade stocks using various stock indicators in addition to the stock charts. I had as many losing trades as winning trades so that did not work well either. After about three months of no success, I then looked at various software packages for trading stocks and came across the DTS software by Indicator Warehouse. I decided to try it as the software gave suggested entry points to purchase or sell the trades and I liked the risk management approach used by the Trade Manager program. The training by Indicator Warehouse has been great and the support by Ben and Stefanie has been outstanding. I have been trading with the DTS Falcon Swing program (with Trade Manager) and with the Ninja Trader stock indicators for a month now and just purchased the DTS Eagle Trend program. My trading success has been great as I have been consistently making more money than I made in my previous job.   I look forward to now using the DTS Eagle program in addition to the DTS Falcon program and having even more success. Thanks.”
M. Asselin, Hebron, New Hampshire, USA
“I’m using all three DTS and currently breaking into trade manager. There is no doubt that they are spitting out good signals, and you will still take losses if you are trading every signal. It’s predicting the right ones by time of day and volume I find. I am finding it difficult to accept trade manager right now but I am getting used to it, it has managed to save my ass. So I think it may be useful. Just in case anyone’s wondering. I think the best DTS to start off is the Swing. I use it constantly even though I’m a scalper myself. Look, it’s not perfect if it was we’d be all billionaires right? But in my experience there is nothing as easy to follow and install and as accurate with signals as the DTS. What I’m most looking forward to is Erich’s live room so I can see which signals he decides to pick and why.. I think this is where my learning curve will peak. Good article Adam and thanks for creating the DTS!”
Eddie, Dublin, Ireland
“I’d just like to say I could not be happier with my purchases, service and support I have had from team at Indicator Warehouse.  I’ve managed to get my first session with Eric today as well which has been equally awesome.  If I add to that the totally awesome results I am getting with the DTS [my best EVER results with Gold, in either a SIM or Live account, today] then I can truly say I believe I have found the final piece of the puzzle to help me reach my full potential. Thank you all!”
A. Leech, Sainte Maure de Peyriac, France
“I just recently purchased your DTS Falcon trader system along with the New Trade Manager and i just want to say what a amazing system this is. I’m new at trading and i have tried several other software indicators and nothing compares to DTS. Its extremely simple to understand for the newbie and the customer service is excellent. If your looking for a software indicator package to help with your trades look no further…. this is it!!!! thank you Adam Halpern.”
David Jae, Oak Park, CA
“I have been meaning to write you in regards to the 10 week mentoring class I took with Erich that we finished up this past April. I was totally impressed with Erich’s approach to teaching me how to trade the markets and what I should be aware of and what to look for. I felt very comfortable with him and learning how to trade properly. He tailored it to me as I work during the day session so he had me look at the e-mini evening and overnight session. Erich also taught me about position sizing which made me realize how proper risk management is so important if you want to succeed here. This led me to purchase Risk Manager [now called Trade Manager] before we were finished all the classes. I could see how easy it would be to enter and manage my trades with risk manager [trade manager] which I think is the best tool you offer at indicator warehouse. Erich also helped me to put together a trade journal which is another invaluable tool to have. If I had to sum it up with the two best things I took from Erich’s mentoring, it would be position sizing and the confidence he gave me that I know I am on the right track to trading. There was a lot of other great stuff that he taught me which I have kept notes of and refer to often. To me the mentoring classes were worth every dime. Time and money well spent!

I would also like to let you know that I am amazed by how simple you have made DTS to use and understand. I started watching some of Erich’s instructional videos on how to use DTS and I have been following his profit run at the forum. The results speak for themselves. Erich is doing very well especially considering he is only trading the morning session. This led me to purchase the Hawk Micro Scalper in the promotion you recently offered. DTS and mean renko bars is like looking at the charts in Hi Def, wow! Now that I am a member at your site I have access to some great instructional videos which I find are very easy to follow and great for pausing and taking notes or repeating a part I don’t quite understand upon hearing it the first time. Now you are offering FOREX training which may be a good fit for me and I look forward to learning about this market as well.

Your customer service is second to none! When I purchased DTS and I had a few questions I received a prompt response from you and Stephanie to ensure I had everything working properly.

I am confident that if I should ever have a question, it won’t go unanswered as you have a great team at Indicator Warehouse. If anyone is considering your services feel free to have them contact me, I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to learn about trading.

Thanks for doing what you guys do!”

Brian Basaraba – Saskatoon, Canada
“I love the Mean Renko Bars because they give you an edge over candlesticks. When markets go sideways candlesticks become smaller with upper and lower wicks -that’s market noise making it hard to read, now think about three candlesticks jumping up and down ranging 12 ticks from top to bottom.

With Mean Renko Bars this could be just one Bar on the Eagle trend trader, when three Mean Renko Bars of 12 ticks move up or down, that’s 36 ticks – I have never done so well. Adam keeps you well informed, while Erich educates you, showing you what trades to take and what not to take. Erich will share his trading knowledge with you in real-time and Stephanie will help with your program downloads. DTS is my last stop, I have been trading for 27 years and I can finally use my new found experience with the Falcon as I love taking the middle out of the markets as it swings.”

Frank Watkins, Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK
“Your system rocks. As a Ninja Trader programmer myself, it’s the best multi-time frame system/strategy I’ve seen on the market. Thanks for not being greedy, these are the kinds of signals I’ve only seen at hedge funds. Well done and congrats. ”
M. Lange, Orlando, FL
“I have been position trading for 15 years, but could never find a scalping system which I could trade with confidence! I like the simplicity – no mysterious methods and the ability to adjust to changing market conditions and the fact that it’s applicable across different markets. I was looking for a scalping ‘system’. The Hawk micro-scalper has provided a framework for me to look at different markets, and develop settings and a method to trade a few ‘favorite’ markets. After watching the introductory trading room with Erich , I decided the scalper was probably a viable trading system. What I like best is that it doesn’t ‘force’ a trade. Sometimes markets just aren’t doing anything, and scalper will generally screen out these periods.”
J. Holton, Indianapolis, IN
“Hello Adam, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for blessing me with the Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk. They are great to work with I LOVE them I have been trading off and on for ten years now and I’m happy to say that I don’t have to look any further. With out a doubt I’m trading so much better and with ease, my stress level is none for the first time. The Trading Room is just another bonus, I love that guy he keeps it real no hype.  Anyone that buys any one of the indicators it’s a must to get in the room to get you jump started. Thanks”
Ken Randolph
“I like the combination of the Hawk, Falcon and Eagle – they allow trader to stay on the right side of the trade and have timely heads up for trend changes.  I’m mainly a hawk scalp trader going for small bites and with surprisingly little practice and observation I am very rarely wrong.  DTS tends to “clean up” the invariable clutter and whipsaw action so it’s easier to stay out of those periods.  By incorporating the directional channels of the Eagle with the Hawk, it is fairly obvious which trade direction you need to pay attention to.”
C. Rabley, Irmo, South Carolina, USA
“I have always believed in the KISS principal. DTS fits this to the tee.  I like the choice of 3 systems which equates to 3 different time frames and the type of trading you want to do.  The best is knowing exactly when to enter and exit based on the size of my account and my risk tolerance.  I got DTS because I was tired of all the crap that’s out there. This has been developed and tested by real traders and the charts are clutter free!”
F. Linick, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
“DTS Is a relatively simple system to use and allows for a variety of trading styles because you have 3 signal generators (scalp, swing, trend). Money management is a component of the package and all the tools provided as a package complement each other.  “If you can afford the risk take the trade” is drilled by Erich in the training room – probably the biggest help has been in the money management side of things and the process of how to more effectively grow an account.  I purchased DTS as I had over time been impressed with the trading tools the company was developing and the tools I had already purchased had assisted in my trading. Also I thought it could complement what I was already doing and had the ability to assist in various weaknesses by allowing for more definitive solutions. I also had been conversations with Adam and his team which led me to believe they were very focussed to develop a successful product.”
C. Patterson, Western Australia
“I just installed the DTS package and backtracked to my last losing trade. OMG. With the DTS signals, I had no business entering the trade at that point. The lower signal area had green dots, the signal line was still green, etc. etc. If this package had been installed, the entry was 5 bars later and would have been good for my normal targets and then however long I wanted to stick around with the runner, which could have been as long as another 20 minutes or so. Arghhhhh.  I really wish this suite of tools had been available prior to now.  Would have saved more than the cost of the system on the other indicators I’ve purchased.  They work, but there’s more subjective analysis required.  DTS is pretty straighforward.”
Tom Berwick, Houston
“I like the confluence of utilizing my personal charts for a safe, valid entry, then monitor the Falcon and observe for dot, triangle, hash mark (which always follows and is reassuring). I also like observing the Eagle which assists greatly in staying with a trend despite pullbacks. The graphics help – everything ‘pops’ visually so nothing is missed and the Mean Renko Bars eliminates noise, I can see price behavior (dojis, hammers, etc.) as bar develops during lower volatility. DTS confirms entries and reinforces so I can stay with a certain move. Before DTS I’d often have doubts and exit prematurely. I needed something to help me stay in the trade.”
James A., Safety Harbor, FL
Dean Duff has been taking the DTS system out on the track since February.  He is a regular member of the DTS Trading Room.

“Hi Erich,

I wanted to say thank you, DTS and the live trading room was the one two punch I needed to turn my trading around. Seeing DTS traded every day by a seasoned trader has proven to be invaluable.  I had my doubts at first but decided to follow the rules exactly. The results have been outstanding!  Thanks to DTS falcon swing and Eagle trend, I’m finally a consistent winner.  Thank you for such a great tool!”

Dean D.
“I did indeed get all three DTS signal generators. I could tell just from the videos that DTS was really good, however when I got it on my computer oh what unbelievable clarity. It didn’t take me but a few minutes to decide how I was going to use it.  After only a few minutes of real time viewing, I decided to use the Falcon and Eagle in conjunction with each other, and then only take the “prime cuts” type of trade.”
Larry Gwinn

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