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Erich Senft, has been actively involved in the Futures markets for 15 years. He is a registered CTA and the main man behind Traders Helping and Recently he has joined as a one-on-one trading coach and all around “trading mechanic”. He is recognized by many as an expert in the field of support and resistance trading.

The commodity markets first captured Erich's attention in the 1970's when the Hunt brother's tried to corner the silver market. Ever since then he had a desire to learn more about what made the commodity markets tick.

Many years after Erich's initial interest in commodities, he was introduced to the Ken Robert's trading system. After experiencing mild success with the limited strategies offered by Ken Roberts, he delved deeper into the study of the commodity markets and became particularly interested in the concepts markets and support and resistance trading.

Erich is the same trader who did such a great job answering all the student questions on support and resistance for a popular trading educator. His knack for explaining the concepts of support and resistance in a clear and concise manner made him a popular addition to the student site. Erich also wrote some of the nightly emails for another educator during the same period, at which time the quality and consistent nature of his analysis was extremely popular with the students.

Erich is a graduate of the University of Alberta business program and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He is also a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, two cats and standard poodle. When he's not trading or talking commodities you can usually find him on the golf course chasing a disobedient little white ball.

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