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Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars

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Add Volume information to your Charts without adding any distraction or clutter.

The Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars were designed to be added to a wide range of bar types, including most of the standard NinjaTrader bars and IW custom bar types.

This leading indicator will work on any bar type that permits you to change the Chart Style parameter (that includes the NinjaTrader 7 standard types of Tick, Volume, Range, Second, Minute, Day, Week, Month, Year, and some custom bar types including Mean Renko Bars).

With the Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars, you can quickly add price-volume information to ANY trading solution including the Diversified Trading System, or your system.

Power Candles that show you the buying and selling pressure going on behind the scenes!

The Dynamic Volume Bars made famous by Richard W. Arms Jr., are based on the theory that when there is an active force behind the market (a lot of volume), you should expect a big bar.

Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars visually display price in a manner that emphasizes the relationship between price and volume giving a visual picture of supply & demand and makes volume easy to interpret. 

By adding Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars to your chart, you get solid Confirmation of a Breakout!

This leading indicator combines price and volume in a two-dimensional candle instead of displaying volume as an “afterthought” on the lower margin of a chart. Using is a simple integrated format, you now have the ability to see the relationship of price to volume without adding any additional clutter to your charts, and there is no need to learn any esoteric market profile theory.

The width of the bar itself corresponds to the volume that’s going on the chart. You no longer need any histogram style volume indicators taking up valuable space on your charts.

The custom bar width adjusts in real-time according to the volume traded during that bar’s time frame giving you the ability to see hidden buying and selling pressure in the marketplace.

The Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars offer your three ways to see the data:

[NOTE: Tapping the Spacebar on your keyboard will cycle through each mode.]

Traditional Equivolume Bars


Traditional EquiVolume – a simple box-style bar where the top line of the box is the high for the period and the bottom line is the low for the period. The width of the box represents the volume for the period.


Hybrid Dynamic Equivolume Bars


Hybrid EquiVolume –  still get the simplicity of the box bar itself, but you can also see in the shadows where the opening and closing prices are. 



Standard Dynamic Equivolume Bars,


Standard EquiVolume – unless you are a tried and true EquiVolume user, this the bar you will probably use.  It has all the volume information of the traditional EquiVolume bar integrated into a standard candlestick format.


Anyway you use them, the Universal Dynamic EquiVolume Bars give you all the information you need in a very easy-to-understand, visual format.

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You will need 1 license per trading computer. Example: If you want to install on a desktop, laptop, and a work computer, you will need a license for 3 computers. Each license comes at a discount.

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