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May 28, 2014

Erich Senft

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Futures Profit Run 2014 with Erich Senft – May 28

Day Trading Profit Run 2014

Profit Run for May 28th, 2014

Maybe I should just trade the grain markets? Soybeans gave me such a nice move today. Textbook really. But the Index markets took my profit with their choppy ranges. I should have known better than to get too heavy into the Indices today. The NQ is trading near contract highs and the min-Down and Emini aren’t far off. This means there’s a substantial tug o’ war between the Buyers and Sellers as they work out who has control. I threw a few “darts” but with less than optimal results. Hoping for better out of the Indices tomorrow. $155 loss on the day.

Bought NQ 6-14 1@3721.25
Sold NQ 6-14 1@3713.00
Trade Loss $165

Sold ZS 7-14 2@1493 1/4
Bought ZS 7-14 2@1488 1/4
Trade Profit $500

Bought NQ 6-14 1@3723.00
Sold NQ 6-14 1@3714.00
Trade Loss $180

Sold YM 6-14 2@16624
Bought YM 6-14 2@16623
Trade Profit $10

Sold NQ 6-14 2@3713.00
Bought NQ 6-14 2@3710.50
Trade Profit $100

Bought NQ 6-14 1@3718.25
Sold NQ 6-14 1@3708.25
Trade Loss $200

Sold YM 6-14 2@16607
Bought YM 6-14 2@16629
Trade Loss $220

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May 28, 2014

Erich Senft

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