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Your Complete Trading Package includes trading software, video training, trading education, and FREE Trade Room.

  • Clear, Easy to Read Entry Alerts
  • Automated Trade Management
  • Trade Futures, Forex, Stocks
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Why have literally thousands of traders chosen the Diversified Trading System (DTS) since 2009?

  • Any Market, Any Time

    Trade Futures, Forex, and Stocks with DTS. Early warning trade alerts enable you monitor and trade dozens of markets simultaneously.

  • 24 / 7 Video Training

    Straightforward and clear instruction on the software, including all settings as well as many real-time trade examples. Updated monthly.

  • Ease of Use

    Easy to read charts, clear “trade now” signals and stress-free trade management enable confident trading.

  • New Upgrades for FREE

    You will receive any new versions or upgrades to any of the Indicator Software you own, FREE of charge, forever.

“With education, common sense, and a trading plan that follows a sound methodology, you can succeed in the same manner others have done so before you.”

Indicator Warehouse Custom Mean Renko Bars!

IW Custom Mean Renko Bars show the correct price sensitivity. In other words, they show you the current limits of the buyers and sellers (i.e., support and resistance) much clearer than a time or tick based candlestick chart. Look at the two charts below. The first one is a regular candlestick chart and the second one uses the IW Custom Mean Renko Bars.

As you can see, with the Mean Renkos, it’s much easier to see the trends as well as the limits of buyer and sellers (support and resistance) and that makes it much simpler to see good trading opportunities. Once you know the market “extremes,” you can trade accordingly, either by trapping traders when the market violates the extreme or going with trend when the market confirms that the break of the extreme will hold.

Automated Money Management Software!

“What amazes traders the most after using the Trade Manager is how much money they were leaving on the table by not trading the correct number contracts for each trade.”

Included in your DTS Trading Package, you receive the Trade Manager for risk and money management all in one tool.

Trade Manager

In addition to automated trailing stops (auto trade management), Trade Manager’s money management component automatically calculates the correct amount of contracts or shares based on your account size or market volatility – and then enables you to place the trade directly from your chart. This method is sensible and smart trading at its best putting the odds on your side for the maximum profit and minimum risk.

  • Comes with Template Manager. Saves all of your settings for every market you trade / chart you set up. (Retail value = $397)
  • Trade management can be turned on and off while in an active trade
  • Trade Manager will not start to manage a trade until it catches up with the first Stop placed when a trade is initiated.
  • Once a trade has been initiated, you can change trailing stop types during an active position.
  • Can be used on more than one chart per instrument.
  • Auto Break Even
  • Account PnL can be “turned off.”
  • Template Manager to save inputs under template names (no more “one single” default)
  • Tick offsets for Moving Average and Swing point trailing stops

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Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite

The Ultimate Support and Resistance Suite give you the confidence from knowing precise times for entering and exiting the markets with very Low Risk/High Reward trading opportunities. It’s like knowing in advance what the market is most likely to do next!


The Logicounter eliminates the stress of having to set up trades in a rush. With the LogiCounter, you can anticipate your trade, and this enables you to calmly set your stop, the number of contracts and an entry price to enter the trade at the optimal moment.

Crystal Clear “Trade Now” Signals

With DTS you don’t have to be staring at the screen all the time. The trading system can alert you to a wide range of excellent trading opportunities. This feature allows you to monitor as many markets as you wish because you’ll hear an audible alert when the system detects a good trade. A “Friendly Warning” dot appears, accompanied by an audible alert.


Profit Run Trading Room Results

We think you should be very skeptical of any published results unless there’s a way to verify the trades are taken. At Indicator Warehouse, we video every trading session and make these public so you can see for yourself the trades made, managed, and exited.


The Steps to Profitable Consistency!

1 Your Trading Package

All three DTS “Bird” systems give you the maximum number of quality “trade now” signals for scalping, swing trading, and trend trading.

2 FREE Installation

Our technician will install all of your System software FREE of charge on your computer and answer any setup questions you may have.

3 Dive into our Video Training

You will receive access to our private training video library. Instructions on all of your software settings as well as in-depth training on how to trade with DTS and your Trade Manager money management software.

A Complete Step-By-Step Course

Stellar Customer Support Team!

Diversified Trading System Package

Diversified Trading System (DTS)

$9,995 worth of Software and Services for only $2995.

100% Commitment Guarantee!

All of our software has been thoroughly tested by our in-house team and a select group of customer traders. We are happy to fix any technical problem related to software programming free of charge. Rest assured, this rarely happens.

Get This Awesome Bonus When You Act Right Now

Markets tend to move a certain amount during a 24-hour period. The bonus Day Ranger software gives you a display of the different day ranges – current day range, yesterday’s range, the five-day range, the 10-day range and the 30-day average range.

Use these ranges to figure out which markets have been exhausted. Has a given market already moved its average amount for the day? If so, the odds are it isn’t likely going to go beyond that. This knowledge helps you decide if you want to enter the market as well as set profit targets and your exit strategy.

Day Ranger instantly shows you the average day ranges so you can see right away if the market is performing “normally.”

  • Know the average true range of what’s on your chart.
  • See the repeating trends of your market.
  • Instantly compare and see which markets are performing within their normal ranges.

See instantly which markets still have plenty room to run compared to their average range for that time period, which means there could still be room for that market to make a profitable move.

By choosing the markets that haven’t moved very much yet compared to the typical daily range, you give yourself a better chance of catching the move, or the big move, of the day.

Having instant access to the historical ranges of your market enables you to trade with more confidence and accuracy.

Regular Price on our website: $395 – you get it FREE today.

Hello Erich, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for blessing me with the Eagle, Falcon, and Hawk. They are great to work with I LOVE them I have been trading off and on for ten years now, and I’m happy to say that I don’t have to look any further. Without a doubt, I’m trading so much better and with ease, my stress level is none for the first time.
Ken Randolph

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How can I get a copy of NinjaTrader Installed?

Click here to get a FREE demo copy of NinjaTrader and real-time market data. For detailed NinjaTrader education and support, please click here to see live training events and click here for other support resources.

What about installing my Indicator Warehouse products?

No problem! All of our systems come with complete installation and trade setup documentation. In addition, we have optional services to install the software and set up your charts for you via remote connection to your machine and GoToAssist chat.

How long does it take to process an order and to send me my new product?

Your software will be available for download immediately after you complete your transaction. You can typically expect to schedule a system installation within 24-48 hours. However, during busy periods or at weekends it may take a little longer.

Who supports my indicator?

Our Support is FREE (via email)… If you would like us to call you and directly access your computer to address your support request, we also have OPTIONAL “do it for you” options available.

May I install my indicator on more than one machine?

We have a 1 to 1, license to computer licensing model. In other words, you are entitled to use one active NinjaTrader machine per license. However, additional licenses are available for laptops, etc. at extremely discounted prices. NOTE: No more than 3 licenses per customer.

How do I find my Machine ID?

Contact for Complete instructions for finding your NinjaTrader Machine ID.

What if I need to replace my Machine ID?

No problem. For a nominal service fee of $10 per indicator, per machine, we will get everything updated for you. Note: We give volume discounts for 3 or more indicators.

Do you offer Trials?

No. Short trial times create an artificial pressure to quickly succeed. Trading is hard enough without this added anxiety.

Do you do Exchanges?

Due to our royalty payment structure to our programmer-suppliers, we are not able to do exchanges.

What is your Refund Policy?

Please be advised that all sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges, partial or otherwise, for any reason. Once your order has been placed and your credit card billed or processed through PayPal, there are no returns or credit. You may not return the product and demand a refund, as you were supplied intellectual property in the form of software and copyrighted trading material.


All our products are distributed and licensed on an “as is” basis and no warranties, guarantees, or promises of any kind by Indicator Warehouse as to their performance, reliability or suitability to any given task. In no event shall Indicator Warehouse be liable for any loss of data or ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, financial, physical, emotional or other, which might arise from its use. Federal or local law governs the use of some types of software; it is the responsibility of the user to follow such laws.


Any and all purchases that result in a charge back will result in Indicator Warehouse immediately deactivating any and all copies of the software and a deactivation of machine ID’s. Your username will be permanently banned in our database of authorized users.


In no event shall Indicator Warehouse be accountable for any or all financial losses or costs from the use of any of our software. Any charge back initiated by the customer will be investigated to the fullest extent, and that customer will no longer be able to purchase any items from our company. Any additional purchases will be refunded immediately. Please do not attempt to make any fraudulent purchases. If we receive any fraudulent charge backs, we will immediately deactivate your copy of the software and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.


For more details on our software policies, please refer to our Terms of Use.

May I use your products for Commercial Use?

Indicator Warehouse software is intended for personal use only, and may not be copied, redistributed, published, broadcast, circulated or emailed to any friends, clients, investors, or sold to any third party as a part of any commercial service, including trading advisory services or live chat rooms. If you are found to use, or plan to use the indicator in any commercial capacity especially in a competitive nature, your code will be deauthorized and your licensed revoked without refund. In addition, the software has been coded so as to identify the original source client of any cloned or decompiled versions of the software. Original users that are found to have decompiled or cloned or copied any or all portions of the indicator code will be immediately prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

Which version of NinjaTrader do you support?

We provide trading software for use with NinjaTrader versions 7 and 8.