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There is no reason to wait for a Free Indicator Every Month.  You can get them today!  And, unlike some of those “Free Indicator” trading forums, all of these free NinjaTrader indicators come with the same stellar Customer Service and code Quality Guarantee that has made Indicator Warehouse the #1 source for premium Ninja Trader indicators and day trading systems.

The last Custom & Standard Bar Timer/Counter you will ever need

Omni Bar Timer | Free Ninja Trader Indicator | Countdown Bar Speed Timer

The timer/counter works with:

  • Time based bars
  • Tick bars
  • Volume bars
  • Standard Range Bars
  • Standard Line Break
  • Standard Renko
  • LogiBar Mean Renko
  • LogiBar Line Break bars
  • LogiBar Dynamic Range bars
  • LogiBar Advanced Renko bars
  • LogiBar Enhanced Range bars
  • LogiBar Ultimate Renko bars
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The last Custom & Standard Bar Timer/Counter you will ever need!


FMMA (Fanned Multi-Color Moving Averages) | Free Indicator Download

  • Enables effective analysis of the trend environment
  • Improves selection of the appropriate trading tactics
  • Better understanding of trend strength
  • Effective evaluation of unusual price movements, such as dips and spike
  • Effective understanding of trading activity and behaviour
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Identify Trends as easily as watching a River Flow

Bar Marker Day Trading Indicator

Bar Marker | Free Indicator Download | NinjaTrader

  • Draws marker arrows above and below a bar according to a user defined number of ticks.
  • Can also be set to display High and Low of active price bar.
  • Easily visualize “X” number of ticks above or below a bar.
  • Presents text message on chart of exact prices of marker arrows.
  • Includes countdown timers for time, tick, range or volume charts
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Know your Precise Entry point at all times.


Bar Value Analyzer | Free Indicator Download

  • Enables you to quickly know the current value of the active price bar to the tick, in its currency unit (i.e. Dollar, Euro or Yen)
  • Decide if it is too big (too expensive) to risk using as an entry point
  • Select the location of this line of text, TopRight, BottomRight, TopLeft, BottomLeft, or Center
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How much is that bar is Really worth?


Moving Average Stoplight | Free Indicator Download

  • Choose if stoplight dots appear above/below price bars or as a moving average  line
  • Choose from a wide range of Moving Average types to choose from: EMA, SMA, TEMA, TMA, WMA, HMA, LinReg, VWMA
  • Define the period of the moving average
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Get the “Green Light” when to take a Trade