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Learn 7 Techniques to Rescue a Sinking Trade

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Does Your Trading Deserve Your Energy?

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NinjaTrader Color Bars On Trend Video Overview

Color Bars On Trend is a highly versatile NinjaTrader indicator that colors normal price bars based on the following: Trend of a moving average The relationship of the Accumulation/Distribution line to its moving average Fisher Transform trend MACD line in relation to the zero… Read More  

Video: CCI Bollinger Bands Indicator for NinjaTrader

Here is a trading video overview on the CCI Bollinger Bands NinjaTrader indicator. This volatility and trend indicator shows CCI values plotted as ‘dots’ with Bollinger Bands. The indicator has two modes, Trend (default) and CounterTrend. More details

NinjaTrader Indicator Video for the MACD BB

Here is a video on Indicator Warehouse’s version of the MACD Bollinger Bands indicator. [This was recently updated to the Bollinger Band Suite - 11/13/2013] This volatility and trend indicator shows MACD values plotted as ‘dots’ with Bollinger Bands. The indicator has two… Read More  

Trading Video: Visual Time and Sales NinjaTrader Indicator

Here is  trading video on the Visual Time and Sales NinjaTrader Indicator.

Trading Video | Time Zones Background Color NinjaTrader Indicator

Great trading video on the Time Zones Background Color NinjaTrader Indicator.