DTS Trading Package!

DTS Trading System for NinjaTrader


The Diversified Trading System to Scalp, Swing Trade, and Trend Trade, all in One Package 

The Diversified Trading System (DTS) is for traders want the maximum of “trade now” signals to trade your choice of futures, forex, or stocks on the NinjaTrader platform.

Since May 2012, traders have been wowed by the easy and accuracy of trading with DTS.

What makes it easy to trade with DTS?

You can monitor dozens of markets simultaneously for the best scalp, swing, and trend trade opportunities. DTS will sound an audible alert when a good trade is setting up. With one click the chart is in front of you and you’ll have plenty of time to get in with the right number of contracts and profit targets.

What makes DTS accurate?

DTS monitors the market with three different signal generators – The Hawk Micro-Scalper, The Falcon Swing Trader, and the Eagle Trend Trader. Each “bird” has its own set of algorithms to detect particular trading opportunities: scalp, swing, and trend trades, respectively.

That means with DTS, when the Hawk, for example, sends you a trade signal alert – you know it’s for a scalp trade.

In one complete package, you get all the software and training you need to start trading.

You Receive:

For a reduced one-time payment, your Raptor Trading System (RTS) Package Includes:

  •  3 IW Trading Signal Generators: Hawk Micro-Scalper, Falcon Swing Trader, Eagle Trend Trader
  • Trade Manager Software – (Enhanced Automated Trailing Stops and Money Management Tool)
  • Template Manager Software: A La Carte Price: $397
  • IW Custom Mean Renko Bars Software: A La Carte Price: $225
  • IW Logicounter proprietary Bar Timer Software: A La Carte Price: $297
  • IW Day Ranger Software.  A La Carte Price: $397
  • You’ll receive new software version upgrades free of charge, forever.

Plus these Promotion BONUSES for Free:

  • Q & A Trading Support
  • Unlimited Access to the Training Video Library
  • FREE Installation of all your software. Regular $97.  You get it FREE today.


Everything You Receive in Your DTS Trading System Package is Detailed Below!

If you need a custom package with different software, email Adam at adam@indicatorwarehouse.com


1. Trade Manager!


“Trade Management is what separates winning traders from losing traders…”

What does it do?

What amazes traders the most after using the Trade Manager is how much money they were leaving on the table by not having the correct amount of shares or contracts for each trade.

95% of trading performance is based on your position size, which is the percentage risk in relation to the size of your account or volatility of the Market. Trade Manager tells you how many contracts you need to have in order to maximize your trading results.

Automated money management and position sizing are the two most important components of trading. It’s what separates winning traders from losing traders.

Trade Manager automatically calculates the correct amount of contracts or shares based on your account size or market volatility… and then enables you to place the trade directly from your chart. By the time you exit the trade you are making MAXIMUM MONEY on MINIMAL RISK. And isn’t that the goal?

Automated stop-loss management and position sizing alone can cure most of the problems that individual traders have. In trading, you’re not paid for analyzing charts and…you’re not paid for placing the order or having the fastest execution platform. What you are paid for is successfully managing the position while it’s in play.
Most traders obsess on finding the “best” entry point to get into their trade, but where is the money being made on your trades? The position size and the exit!

Remember… the ONLY thing you can truly control is your risk (position size). You cannot control where the market is going to go. No one can. But, you can remove some of the stress by knowing your risk before you enter a trade and then letting an automated tool manage your position once its in play. In fact, with Trade Manager, you can put on a position and then forget about it.

Trade Manager will trail your stop(s) for you. Thereby, freeing you up to take other trades. Think of it like having multiple fishing poles in the water at the same time. You exponentially increase your chances of scorning the Big Fish!
The easiest way to tell if a trader is going to be profitable is by looking at how they handle these two cardinal rules:

Do they cut losses short?

Do they let profits run?

Trade Manager does both of these for you! Trade Manager is an essential trading tool that works with any system or collection of indicators on the NinjaTader platform. Trade Manager ensures that you take the maximum profit from each and every trade you take. Finally, a tool that truly “lets your profits run” without further risk!

Key Features/Parameters/Options

  • Trade management can be turned on and off while in an active trade.
  • Trade Manager will not start to manage a trade until it catches up with the initial Stop placed when a trade is initiated.
  • Once a trade has been initiated, you can change trailing stop types during an active position.
  • Can be used on more than one chart per instrument.
  • Auto Break Even.
  • Account PnL can be turned off.
  • Template Manager to save inputs under template names (no more “one single” default).
  • Tick offsets for Moving Average and Swing point trailing stops.


2. Template Manager!

What does it do?

Template Manager saves the unique settings you use for each market you trade.  This saves you an incredible amount of setup time daily.

Perhaps for the NQ you want a 10 and 20 tick target with the Trail Blazer, but with the CL you’ll go for 20 – 50 ticks of profit.  Template Manager saves all of your particular settings for an unlimited number of markets / templates on all of your software.

What does Template Manager cost?

The regular price of Template Manager is $397.  Today, it’s included in your DTS Trading Package.


3. IW Custom Mean Renko Bars!

What are they?

IW Custom Mean Renko Bars show the true price sensitivity.  In other words, they show you the current limits of the buyers and sellers (ie. support and resistance) much clearer than a time or tick based candlestick chart. Look at the two charts below.  The first one is a regular candlestick chart and the second one uses the IW Custom Mean Renko Bars.

As you can see, with the Mean Renkos, it’s much easier to see the trends as well as the limits of buyer and sellers (support and resistance) and that makes it much easier to see good trading opportunities.  Once you know the market “extremes” you can trade accordingly, either by trapping traders when the market violates the extreme, or going with trend when the market confirms that the break of the extreme will hold.

Mean Renko Bars Compared to Candlesticks

What do IW Custom Mean Renko Bars cost?  

The regular value of IW Custom Mean Renko Bars is $225.00.  They are only available in our trading packages and therefore included in your DTS Trading Package.


4. The LogiCounter!

What is it?

This video from Ray explains the benefits of the Logicounter.

What does the Logicounter cost?

The regular price of Logicounter is $297.  Today, it’s included in your DTS Trading Package.


5. Day Ranger!

What does it do?

Markets tend to move a certain amount during a 24-hour period. The Day Ranger gives you a display of the different day ranges – current day range, yesterday’s range, the five day range, the 10 day range and the 30 day average range.

Use these ranges to figure out which markets have been exhausted.  Has a given market already moved its normal amount for the day?  If so, the odds are it isn’t likely going to go beyond that.  This helps you decide if you want to enter the market as well as set profit targets and your exit strategy.

Day Ranger instantly shows you the average day ranges so you can see right away if the market is performing “normally”.

  • Know the average true range of what’s on your chart.
  • See the repeating trends of your market.
  • Instantly compare and see which markets are performing within their normal ranges.

See instantly which markets still have plenty room to run compared to their average range for that time period, which means there could still be room for that market to make a profitable move.

By choosing the markets that haven’t moved very much yet compared to the typical daily range, you give yourself a better chance of catching the move, or the big move, of the day.

Having instant access to the historical ranges of your market enables you to trade with more confidence and accuracy.

What does Day Ranger cost?  

The regular price of Day Ranger is $397.  Today, it’s included in your DTS Trading Package.


7. Video Training!

Included in your DTS Package is complete video training on how to trade with all of the software in your package.

  • Learn all the settings and how to choose them correctly.
  • Learn how to trade with DTS and recognize good trading opportunities.
  • Unlimited Q & A – we’re here to ensure you ramp up quickly.


8. Trading Room!

Limited Time Bonus: Trading Room Access for Free!

In addition to the Live Training, you’ll also receive access to our live trading rooms… Free of Charge!


  • 9:30-11:30 EST … Monday & Friday: Trading, Education, Demos.
  • 9:30-11:30 EST  …Tuesday to Thursday: Serious Trading!

What does Trading Room access cost?

The average price of a trading room is between $97 to $397 / month.  Some are higher. Today, you save a minimum $1164 because the cost of the trading room is Zero Dollars with No Additional Monthly fees – it’s included in your RTS Special Release Package.


9. Q&A Trading Support!


Q&A Trading Support!

Got a question 3 months from now?  Two years from now?  If you do, we want to hear from you.  For as long as you are using our software, we’re watching your back.

What does Trading Support cost?

Trading support is included in your RTS Special Release Package.


10. Free Installation!


FREE Installation of all the Software!

We want to get you up and running without any technical hassles.  Our trading tech support will install all of your software on your computer for optimum performance.

What does Installation cost?

Regular $97. You get it FREE today.


SUMMARY – DTS Special Release Package


DTS Components

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